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Heating Season Hours (Open on Saturdays) begins this Saturday, Oct. 10th. We are open from 8 am – 1 pm

Mor Electric Heating will be open for business each Saturday, from 8 am until 1 pm through the heating season until March. We will be open on Saturdays to take sales calls and our counter is available for local pick-ups. We will be shipping product, however UPS does not pick up on Saturdays. Anything we ship will be picked up on Monday afternoon.

Case study of Warehouse Expansion and addition of Solaira Alpha Infrared Heaters/Controls

At Mor Electric Heating we have grown our sales/stock of Infrared HeatersRoof and Gutter Heating CablePipe Heating Cable and Comfort Heaters significantly. We needed to expand our stock shelves, boxing and receiving areas again, which were unheated. It would not be practical to heat the entire warehouse area since it is not insulated and is technically cold storage with an approximately 40 foot inside peak of the roof. So we are focusing on spot heating our working areas/stations. We decided those areas will need to be spot heated.  Depending on where you are standing at the workstations, the apparent temperature is approximately 25-50 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature.

We needed to install more infrared heaters, our first install was during a 2010 expansion of our shipping area when we chose to use four SALPHAH2-30240S (3.0kW 240Volt) because the reflector pattern, long life and 3,000 watts each (12 kW total) is well suited for that 20×20 area and 10-12 foot mounting height.


We had some challenges with the available mounting options but ended up with a great system for our needs.  We had to hang two of them from the rafters with 25 feet of chains!  We set the height of one of the heaters as low as possible (10-1/2 feet) while still being able to roll our ladder underneath it.

On the other side of the shipping area we were able to mount the heaters on the wall and from shorter chains:


For our 2015 expansion we installed Solaira Infrared Heaters because of the great success we had in our 2010 expansion and the warehouse employees love the heaters. We went with the Alpha Series and their Smart Variable Control.
We had plenty of 240 volt power available and despite the installation requiring a long run of conduit for the new heaters and controls the electricians quickly had it up and running..
For our new boxing area we used two SALPHAH3-60240B 6kW 240V Heaters:
To spot heat the end of our long center walkway we used one SALPHAH2-40240S 4kW 240V Silver Heater:
And to spot heat each end of our cut to length heating cable spooling area we used two SALPHAH2-40240S 4kW 240V Silver Heaters:



The five new heaters are controlled by the Solaira SMaRT30-DV 120/208-240V 30Amp Variable Control:


We might just now have one of the single largest electric heat distributor warehouses in the country. Because we are simply spot heating with electric infrared heaters we are highlighting the effectiveness of electric infrared heaters.

This application utilizes the benefits of spot heating in a large warehouse without having to heat the entire warehouse which would be very costly in this region of the country.

The Heating Season starting dates

A significant increase in electric heater sales is the time when people start purchasing products to do early projects to get ready for winter.  The “heating season” is a 6 to 8 month time period that starts while it is still warm out and ends while it is still cold out (typically sometime in March).

It has started the following times in past years:

Early October 2016
Early August 2015
August 2014
Late August 2013
Mid September 2012
Early August 2011
Early August 2010
Late September 2009
Early September 2008
Mid August 2007
Early September 2006

The first products that start increasing in sales are roof and gutter heating cable followed by comfort heater sales and finally (December/January) Pipe Heat Trace Cable.

Early season sales has little to do with the winter forecast. They have more to do with what happened last year! Recently we have experienced many brutal winters, normal winters and one of the mildest ever, so the beginning has varied greatly.

This post was:

Heating Cable Guy Approved
Heating Cable Guy Approved

New mobile version of website

We have launched a new mobile version of our website:


If you are on a Smartphone, the version will automatically load and product pages will look like this:

New mobile


Online ordering, stock check, product categories, etc. are all available.

TPI Corp. Ventilation, Fans, Coolers, Blowers, Circulators


We are now a full line distributor for ventilation products from TPI. There are approximately 60 categories and over 300 products!

TPI’s new online catalog can be seen here (no iOS devices, due to flash format):

The Heating Cable Guy (Brian)


It’s no secret that Mor Electric Heating is very strong in the Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Heating Cable markets. In fact many times we have been called the 800 pound Gorilla. About the only cable we don’t sell is Raychem/Chemelex. We are definitely interested in positioning ourselves as the USA leader in Heating Cable sales, stock and technical. There was a time about 15 years ago when we were that big in floor warming and we are quickly moving back into that position again.

So it is only fitting that we have a “Heating Cable Guy” as one of our salesmen.  If you are a cable installer or buyer of heating cable, there is really no reason to call any other company. Brian is so knowledgeable and our stock levels are so high that you can’t go wrong. Also because of our standing as a large distributor for most of the manufacturers (NuHeat, EasyHeat, Danfoss, Wrap-On, King Electric, PowerTech, ETI, EzeWarm, Calorique, WarmlyYours and Chromalox ) we have the ability to match or beat any other quotes you have.

Brian can quickly understand your roof, floor or pipe layout and decisively recommend the best way to handle your freeze protection or heating problem. We have Contractors who are amazed at how excellent the experience with Brian is.

Brian has been working for Mor Electric Heating for many years. Before coming to us he worked for his fathers Rep. Agency. Day Sales Agency is/was primarily an EasyHeat Representative and Brian was in daily projects and on job sites handling some of the biggest Heating Cable jobs around for many years. EasyHeat is the leader in the heating cable market and we are one of their largest distributors. Brian’s brother Phil runs Day Sales now and we communicate with him daily about some of the toughest Heat Trace jobs out there.

Brian’s direct number is 1-616-647-5272

If you call our main line he is at Ext. 5272

His e-mail is

Here are the products that we sell:

About Us: Mor Electric Heating



Established in 1958, Mor Electric Heating has become a leading supplier of electric heating and control products to the Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial markets.  We specialize in providing the highest quality products and services specifically designed for Wholesalers, Contractors, OEM’s, and Residential customers.

Promotional Codes on our website Shopping Cart. We have free shipping on some items on our website (and for phone orders)

There is a Promotional Code entry box in our shopping basket. There are some select items that are eligible for free shipping on our website. Each product that is eligible has a note on its page in red indicating that it is eligible. The code is FREESHIPPING

Salamander branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters are being discontinued and replaced by the Mor-Infrared branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters

Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc will no longer be manufacturing the Salamander branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters.
Once our current inventory has been depleted, the Salamander branded emitters will no longer be available.

The Salamander brand is being replaced with the Mor-Infrared brand of ceramic emitters that will be made in a State-of-the-Art manufacturing plant in Europe.  
The Mor-Infrared ceramic emitters will be made to the highest quality standards and consist of the premium raw materials that you have come to expect from the original Salamander emitters. You will notice some slight changes in the construction of the emitters such as a lighter glaze coating, and a two piece clip to secure the emitters.  These changes, however, will result in a superior product with greater consistency to meet and exceed your expectations.

Expanded Hours, Open on Saturdays. Mor Electric Heating is open from 8 am – 1 pm

We are open for business today, Saturday, from 8 am until 1 pm. We will be open on most Saturdays to take sales calls and our counter is available for local pick-ups. We will be shipping product, however UPS does not pick up on Saturdays. Anything we ship will be picked up on Monday afternoon.

The 2013-2014 Heating Season has begun!

A significant increase in heater sales is the time when people start purchasing products to do early projects to get ready for winter.  The “heating season” is a 7 month time period that starts while it is still warm out and ends while it is still cold out (sometime in March).

It has been the following times in these years:

Late August 2013
Mid September 2012
Early August 2011
Early August 2010
Late September 2009
Early September 2008
Mid August 2007
Early September 2006

The first products that start increasing in sales are roof and gutter heating cable followed by comfort heater sales.

Due to the brutal last half of winter, with record snow cover that we just had, people have been purchasing heating cable early, in August, this year.

Linecard for Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.

Links to each of our Vendor/Manufacturer main pages at

ASE (Automated Systems Engineering, Inc.)

Aura Electric Radiant Infrared Comfort Heating
AuraMist Portable Misting Pedestal Fans
Avatar Industrial Solid State Power Controls
BriskHeat Electric Freeze Protection, Heating & Temperature Control
Cadet Residential Baseboard, Wall & Unit Electric Comfort Heaters
Calorique Flexible Radiant Electric Heaters
Chromalox Industrial Electric Heaters & Controls
Columbus Electric (TPI Corp.) Thermostats
Cozy-Products / Bird-X Electric Comfort Heaters & Pest Control
Dalton Electric Split Sheath Industrial Cartridge Heaters & Diffusion Pump Heaters
Danfoss Snow Melting & Floor Warming Electric Heating Cable & Mats
Dimplex Electric Comfort Heaters, Controls & Hand Dryers
EasyHeat Snow Melting & Floor Warming Electric Heating Cable & Mats
Econo-Heat Electric Heating Appliances
Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heaters
EFM Elect-T-Therm Electric Hot Water Boilers
ETI (Environmental Technology, Inc.) Snow & Ice Melting Controls & Sensors
Excel Electric Hand Dryers
Exergen IRt/c’s Industrial Non-Contact Temperature Sensors. Infrared Thermocouple Detection
Farm Innovators Electric Agricultural De-icers & Heated Products
Fostoria (TPI Corp.) Electric Infrared Heaters, Lighting & Ventilation
Hazloc Heaters Industrial & Explosion-proof Unit Heaters for Hazardous & Severe Duty Locations
HBControls Solid State Relay and Heat Sink Assemblies
HeatTrak Electric Snow Melting Mats
Honeywell Thermostats and Relays
HotZone Electric Radiant Heaters. Lobster Eye-inspired IRLens Infrared Comfort Spot Heat
Intelligent Heater / Clepco Quartz Immersion Heaters, Process Heating & Control
Johnson Controls Thermostats
King Electric Comfort Heating & Heating Cable
Little Giant Church Baptistry, Spa and Pool Electric Water Heaters
Markel (TPI Corp.) Electric Comfort Heating
NEBO High Performance LED Flashlights & Tools
NuHeat Electric Heating Cable & Mats
OJ Electronics Snow & Ice Melting Controls & Sensors
Payne Engineering Solid State Power Controls
Port-A-Cool Evaporative Coolers
PowerBlanket Electric Heating Mats
Pridium Ductless Split Air Conditioning / Heating Systems
Process Technology Electric Immersion Heaters & Aquaculture Heaters
Protected Home (Control Products) Freeze Alarms
Pyromation Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temperature Sensors & Instruments
Qmark (Marley) Electric Comfort Heating & Ventilation
Salamander (Mor Electric Heating) Electric Ceramic Infrared Heaters
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment. Fans (Ventilators, Air Circulators, Misting, Washdown, Exhaust), Evaporative Coolers & Carpet Dryers
Solaira Electric Infrared Comfort Heating
Solar Products Flat-faced Radiant Electric Panel Heaters
STEGO Heaters, Thermostats, Hygrostats & Fans. Electronic Enclosure Temperature & Humidity Control
Sun Electric Heater SunRod 1/8″ Diameter Miniature Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters
TPI Corp. (Fostoria Electric Infrared Heaters & Markel Electric Comfort Heaters)
Tutco Heating Solutions Electric Duct Heaters & Heating Elements
UEi Test Instruments (Universal Enterprises Inc)
UFO Electric Infrared Heaters
USHIO America Quartz Infrared Electric Heating Lamps
Well Traveled Living (Mojave Sun) Electric Infrared heaters
White Rodgers Thermostats
Snow Wolf (Structured Solutions) Snow Shovels
WarmlyYours Electric Floor Heating Cable & Mats
Warren Technology Electric Duct Heaters
Wrap-On Electric Pipe/Soil/Roof & Gutter Heating Cables
ZooMed Laboratories Electric Heaters, Reflectors & Thermostats

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Qmark (Marley Engineered Products) Electric Comfort Heating Products

We have a huge stock of Qmark products. We also have a huge number of the products on our webite, click here: Qmark (Marley) Electric Comfort Heating & Ventilation. We have been an authorized stocking distributor for them for decades. They manufacture products in Bennettsville, South Carolina under the trade names Qmark, Berko, Leading Edge and Marley Industrial Products.

Qmark Marley MUH Series Electric Unit Heater. 208-600Volts. 3KW-50 KW. Factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, etc (48) Qmark Marley HBB Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heater. Low surface temp. because heating element is in heat transfer fluid in a tube (28) Qmark Marley CRA Series electric fan-forced wall heater. 120-240 Volts (12)
Qmark Marley AWH Series electric architectural heavy-duty fan-forced wall heater. 120-600 Volts (23) Qmark B Series Bolt On Utility Fans (6) Qmark Marley GFR Series electric fan-forced small wall heater. 120-240V. 375-2400W. (9)
Qmark QCH Series Electric Ceiling Heater. Recessed Installation or Surface Mounting Frame (8) Qmark Marley Type LFK Series Commercial Wall Heater – Northern White Finish. 2000, 3000, 4000 and 4800 watts at 240 volts (8) Qmark Marley QFG Series electric fan-forced small wall heaters. 120-240V. Tangential blower for whisper quiet operation (12)
Qmark Marley CWH-3000 Series electric commercial fan-forced wall heater. 120-600 Volts (21) Qmark Marley HT SmartSeries – Digital Programmable Electric Wall Heater. 120 or 240 Volts. Wattage Proportional up to 2000W (3) Qmark 202SL Portable Electric Under Desk Heaters, 120 Volt, 170 Watt, 5ft long white plug and cord (4)
Qmark Marley BRH Portable Electric Contractor Heater. 240/208 Volts, 16.7-23.3 Amps (2) Qmark Marley WPC1500 Electric Radiant Convection Panel Heater. 120V, 500 / 1000 / 1500 watt. 3 prong cord / plug (1) Qmark MEDH Portable Electric Blower Heaters. 208, 240, 480 & 600V. 7.5-30.0 KW. Single & three phase (6)
Qmark Fahrenheat LFP6152 Portable Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater. 120 Volt, 6 foot plug & cord set, 1500/750 Watts (1) Qmark Fahrenheat MCM1503 Portable Electric 120 Volt Fan Forced/Radiant Utility Heater. 6 foot, 3 prong plug & cord set. (1) Qmark Marley MUH-35 Series Electric Unit Heater. 208/240Volts. Up to 5KW. Wall or ceiling mount. Factories, garages, schools, etc. (1)
Qmark Marley MWUH Series Electric Unit Heater. 240/208Volt. Up to 5KW. Ceiling mounted. Factories, stores, garages, warehouses, etc. (1) Qmark QPH4A Portable Fan-Forced Unit Heater (1) Qmark Marley 2500 Electric Baseboard Heater. Residential, commercial, industrial & institutional. 21 accessories (28)
Qmark QTS Series Toe Space Electric Heaters. Recess in kitchen or utility room cabinets. 120V or 240/208V, Integral Thermostats Available (8) Qmark Electric Cove Heaters Mount on Wall Surface Near the Ceiling. Radiant Heat Energy is Directed Downward (18) Qmark WHT500 Utility Well/Pump House Electric Convection Heater. 40F to 70F. 120V 500W or 240/208V 500/375W (1)
Qmark Powercat Portable Utility Blowers. High velocity blower used for ventilating and cooling (11) Qmark Marley Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters. High Temp Limits, Knobs, Fan Delays, Motors, Thermostats, Elements, Fan Blades, Thermal Cutouts (65) Qmark Electric Floor Drop In Heaters. Quiet for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms. Mounts between floor joists. Heavy-duty grille (3)
Qmark Electric Radiant Ceiling Panels. 24″ x 48″ or 24″ x 24″. Spot heating or primary form of heat (35) Qmark Commercial 56 inch Ceiling Fan – White – 120 Volt. 3025 Sq Ft Coverage Area (2) Qmark Electronic Ceiling Fan Controls. 120, 220 or 277 Volt (9)
Qmark Mechanical Ceiling Fan Controls. 120 Volt 1 or 5 Amp (2) Qmark Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Ceiling Fan. Destratification of Winter Heat & Summertime Cooling. Powerful Motor for up to 45 feet (13) Qmark I Series – Industrial Floor Air Circulator. 3-speed, 1/15 to 1/8 HP 12″ to 24″ Fan Head (4)
Qmark Marley RV16, GV16, AGV14 & ASRV14 Attic Ventilator Fans (4) Qmark Marley 2438 / 3038R / 3638R – Belt Drive Whole House Ventilator Attic Fans. Mounts on 16″ o.c. Joists. (4) Qmark Marley A20DD / A24DD – Whole House Ventilator Attic Fan (3)
Qmark Air Curtain Accessories and Controls. Door Switches, Contol Panels, Brackets, Filters and Grilles (3) Qmark Drive Thru Window Air Curtain. Fast food drive-ins. Protect against insects, dust & odors. Windows up to 30″ wide (5) Qmark Pedestal Fans. Industrial & Commercial Oscillating & Non-Oscillating Air Circulators (38)
Qmark BE Commercial Belt Drive Exhaust Fan (4) Qmark Marley LPE Series Commercial Wall Exhaust Fans. Venturi or Shutter mounted fan (8) Qmark 277 Volt Specialty Fans, Industrial Fans (6)
Qmark N12 Wall and Bench Mounted Fan (1) Qmark Wash Down Fans (Ceiling, Wall, Pedestal or I-Beam Mount) (7) Qmark Heavy Duty Commercial Ceiling Fans (2)
Qmark Marley HRK Series Indoor Electric Infrared Heater (13) Qmark Marley FRP and FRS Series Electric Infrared Heater Assemblies (27) Qmark EFF Series Electric Ceiling Heater (16)
Qmark CDF Series Electric Ceiling Heater (15) Qmark Marley CBD Heavy Duty Commercial Electric Baseboard Heaters. Front cover is 16 gauge steel (32) Qmark Marley QMKC Commercial Electric Baseboard Heaters. 18 Gauge Front Cover. For restaurants, offices, schools, institutions (39)
Qmark Marley JUW Series Electric Washdown Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater. 120-575Volts (51) Qmark Marley IUH Series Industrial Electric Unit Heater. 240-600Volts (25) Qmark Marley Bathroom Heat Lamps (6)
Qmark Marley MM698F Series Bathroom Fan/Heater (1) Qmark Marley MM698 & MM728NL Series Bathroom Fan / Heater / Night Light (3) Qmark Marley FRD Series Ventilating Fan with Radiation Damper (3)
Qmark/Marley TBX104 Portable Utility Heater – Tool Box Heater features latched storage area on top (1) Qmark/Marley FRR10512B Infrared Radiant Heater (1) Qmark Marley EFQ Series commercial electric fan-forced wall heater. 208-600Volts (17)
Qmark Marley SED Series electric fan-forced wall heater. 120-240 Volts. Built in double pole front mounted thermostat (4) Qmark ECP Series Euro Style Electric Wall Heater. 240/208 Volt. (2) Qmark Marley KCJ Series Institutional (Correctional or Rehabilitation Institutions) Electric Convector Heater (36)
Qmark Marley Type 1235 Series electric fan-forced wall heater. 120-240 Volts (5) Qmark Marley CWH 1000 Architectural Series electric commercial fan-forced wall heater. 120-277 Volts (9) Qmark Marley CWH-1000 Series electric commercial fan-forced wall heater. 120-277 Volts (10)
Qmark Super Q Ventilators In-Line or Direct Discharge applications (1) Qmark Marley Portable PT268 4000W Industrial Grade Fan Forced Electric Heater (1) Qmark Desk Fans. Oscillation or Non-oscillation, Wall Mount Plate Included. 3-Wire Grounded Cord – UL listed (2)
Qmark Fahrenheat FBE15002 Electric Portable Convector Baseboard Heaters. 120 Volt, 6 foot plug & cord set, 1500/1000 Watts (1) Qmark Fahrenheat MMHD1502T Portable Electric fan forced utility heater. 120 Volt grounded cord and plug. (1) TC1 Series Universal Thermostat Guard (1)
Qmark Marley APT-2 Portable Plug-In Inline Thermostat. 10 amp thermostat (1200 watt maximum capacity) 110-120VAC. 5ft plug and cord set (1) Qmark Marley CUS900 Series Stock Cabinet Electric Fan-forced Unit Heater (4)

QMark products offer the reliable, cost-effective performance that architects and engineers are looking for when they need to specify these heating and ventilation products on their projects.
Standard products are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications; custom engineering services are also available to help meet unique heating and ventilation requirements.

Backed by Marley Engineered Products

QMark products are manufactured and marketed by Marley Engineered Products, a leading thermal technologies company based in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Most product development and manufacturing takes place at the Marley Engineered Products ISO 9001: 2008 registered facility in Bennettsville.
Products are available through selected distributors throughout North America and around the world.
Marley Engineered Products maintains long-standing relationships with all safety regulatory agencies such as ETL and UL, ensuring QMark products meet or exceed industry standards.

At the Forefront of Heating and Ventilation

The QMark product development and manufacturing teams stay abreast of industry trends and needs, and employ both innovation and practicality to develop solutions that work best for our customers.
Regardless of the application or end user, QMark products are designed with aesthetics, functionality, safety and structural tolerance in mind.
We recognize that many heating and ventilation applications involve unique challenges and non-standard specifications. We gladly work with our customers to develop appropriate solutions, and often can custom-engineer products to meet unique application requirements. Contact us for details.

Representative Solutions

QMark products can meet a variety of heating and ventilation needs. Both your distributor and the technical service group at Marley Engineered Products can work with you to develop and install optimum solutions.

Heating solutions include:

  • Freeze-protection heaters made specifically for installation in concealed or hard-to-reach spaces
  • Washdown heating units that provide comfort heating or freeze protection in non-hazardous corrosive or dirty environments such as waste water treatment plants, coal handling areas, food processing plants, foundries, car washes, swimming pool areas and dairies
  • Toe-space heater designed for use at checkout counters, ticket or tollbooths and many other places where no other heater seems to fit
  • Baseboard heaters that are UL listed for wall installation directly at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting — no clearance space between the heater and carpet is required.
  • Portable infrared heaters mounted on two-wheeled carts for ease of movement to areas that are hard to heat. They provide an economical way to thaw frozen equipment or heat loading dock areas where permanent installed heaters are not practical.

QMark ventilation solutions include:

  • Air circulators that are ideally suited for providing comfort cooling in food and beverage processing facilities, greenhouses, poultry plants, amusement parks and other high humidity or washdown environments.
  • Ceiling fans designed and engineered specifically for use in food processing plants, wet factory locations, exposed shipping areas, outdoor restaurants and a variety of agricultural applications such as poultry houses.
  • Electrically heated air curtains for use in building entrances to treat incoming cold air with a gentle flow of warm air for customer, employee or visitor comfort. They are ideal for use in vestibules, lobbies, staging areas, reception areas and waiting rooms.
  • Environmental air curtains for use supermarkets, schools, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias and a variety of other facilities. Because they are designed for easy access, no tools are required for inspection and cleaning.

Dimplex Electric Comfort Heaters (The world leader in electric heating) on our website

We have been an authorized stocking distributor for Dimplex North America for 10 years. We are expanding our product offerings from them to cover all of their products, except at this time we do not offer their fireplaces.

They are headquartered in a 200,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility located in Cambridge, Ontario. To service the company’s customer base throughout the United States Dimplex operates a 218,000 square foot distribution facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dimplex Linear Convector LC Baseboard Heaters. New revolutionary design is up to 42% shorter Dimplex LPC Series Baseboard Heaters. Linear Proportional Convector with Thermostat. New revolutionary design up to 42% shorter Dimplex PCH Precision Fan-forced Comfort Wall Heater with Variable Heat Output & Fan Speed
Dimplex CX-MPC Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Wireless 7-day Controller – Wireless Thermostat Dimplex CKHA Series Toe Kick Space Heaters. 120, 240/208 Volts. Wall or Integral Thermostat Dimplex DPC-RWS Single-zone CONNEX Controller – Wall Mounted Remote Control Wireless Thermostat
Dimplex DGWH4031 Electric Garage & Workshop Heater. 4000 Watts, 240 Volts Dimplex ETS/ETD Line Voltage Thermostats. 120, 208, 240 or 277 Volts Dimplex FFIH Series Floor Drop-In Fan-forced Heater. 120, 240/208 Volts. Use where floor mounting is desired (hallways, solariums etc)
Dimplex DCH4831L Portable Construction Fan-forced Heater. 240 Volts. 4800 Watts. Built-in Thermostat Dimplex EF12 Deluxe Wall Mounted Fan-forced Heater. Surface Mount. 240, 208 Volts Dimplex TWH / RDH Fan Forced Wall Heater. 120, 208, 240 Volts. Built-in Thermostat. 500W to 2000W
Dimplex EWA Series Commercial Fan Forced Wall Heater. 120, 208, 240, 277 Volts. Includes Built-in Thermostat or Use a Wall Thermostat Dimplex CUH05B31T Compact Unit Heater. Built-in Single Pole Thermostat (45-77F). 240/208 Volts Dimplex EMC4240 Portable Enclosed Motor Construction Heater. 240 Volts. 4,800 Watts. Built-in Thermostat 
Dimplex EU Series Industrial Unit Heater. Built-in or Remote Thermostat. 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, 480, 600 Volts Dimplex TS/TD Line Voltage Bimetal Thermostats. Up to 277 VAC Dimplex 7150 Series Pump House Convection Heater. 120, 240/208 Volts. Built-in Thermostat Control
Dimplex ONE Series Commercial Hand Dryer. Quiet (55dB). Automatic Infrared Actuated. Tamperproof Design. High Velocity (150 CFM) Dimplex BLAST Series Commercial Hand Dryer. Cast Iron. Automatic Infrared Actuated. Tamperproof Design. High Velocity (275 CFM) Dimplex RFI / RFV Series Commercial Fan-Forced Heater. 208, 240, 347, 600 Volts. Built-in Thermostat. 1125 – 8000 Watts
Dimplex Ventura Radiant CXD Series Ceramic Indoor / Outdoor Radiant Heater. 240 Volts. 2,000 Watts Dimplex Onyx DGP1500-B Black Glass Panel Convection (No Fan) Heater. 240, 208 Volts. Surface Mount Dimplex (Electromode) Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters