Salamander branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters are being discontinued and replaced by the Mor-Infrared branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters

Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc will no longer be manufacturing the Salamander branded Ceramic Infrared Emitters.
Once our current inventory has been depleted, the Salamander branded emitters will no longer be available.

The Salamander brand is being replaced with the Mor-Infrared brand of ceramic emitters that will be made in a State-of-the-Art manufacturing plant in Europe.  
The Mor-Infrared ceramic emitters will be made to the highest quality standards and consist of the premium raw materials that you have come to expect from the original Salamander emitters. You will notice some slight changes in the construction of the emitters such as a lighter glaze coating, and a two piece clip to secure the emitters.  These changes, however, will result in a superior product with greater consistency to meet and exceed your expectations.