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New Product on our website: TPI Corp./Markel 5800 Series Garage/Workshop 240/208 Volt Fan Forced Portable Heater

TPI Corp./Markel 5800 Series Garage/Workshop 240/208 Volt Fan Forced Portable Heater
• Up to 4800 Watts of heating comfort for garage or utility room applications
• 4000 Watts available for smaller areas.
• Built in bi-metal double pole
thermostat – 50° to 90° range.
• Steel tubular heating element
• Wall/Ceiling bracket included
• Manual reset standard
• Power on and overheat pilot lights
• Imported to TPI Corporation specifications

New Product on Our Website: King Electric GH Series Compact Heavy Duty Garage Unit Heater with Bracket and Thermostat. 208, 240 volt. 5,000 to 10,000 watts.

King Electric GH Series Compact Heavy Duty Garage Unit Heater with Bracket and Thermostat. 208, 240 volt. 5,000 to 10,000 watts.
Heavy Duty Garage Heater GH Series. Compact and powerful heater perfect for freeze and moisture protection. Built-in adjustable mechanical thermostat and Prewired for optional remote wall electronic thermostat. Ideal for large garage spaces.

– Spiral finned element 
– Built-in thermostat 
– Adjustable louvers
– Permanetly lubricated motor 
– Universal mounting bracket 
– Power On & Over-temp caution indicating lights
– Patented Smart Limit protection 
– Standard color: Gray 
– High /Low switch & fan delay (Not available in 5kW Unit)
– High efficiency aluminum fan blade 
– 3-year limited warranty
– Prewired for remote wall thermostat option

The GH compact heavy duty unit heater is designed for use as primary or supplemental heat sources in large or exposed
areas, including commercial stores, workshops, barns, storage shed and garages to prevent freezing. Spiral finned steel elements and high
air volume (CFM) ensure efficient heat exchange producing cooler element operation, prolonging heater life. By combining the highest quality components with a dynamically balanced fan blade, the GH unit heater will provide years of trouble-free service. Includes both a power on indicating light and a red caution light that comes on if the heater stops due to the over temperature limit tripping. A universal wall/ceiling bracket provides for quick and simple installation. The built-in thermostat turns the heater on and off to maintain the desired room temperature or a remote wall thermostat can be used. The heater is prewired to easily convert from the built-in thermostat to a wall mounted line voltage thermostat. The heater can also be controlled by purchasing a transformer relay to operate a remote 24V wall thermostat. Refer to the installation instructions regarding the amperage requirements for use of both the line voltage thermostats and transformer relays.


New Product: King Electric EKB Garage/Shop Heater. Designed to provide simple heating solutions at an affordable price point. 120/208/240 Volts.

King’s new unit heater has alot of features and wattage for the price. We think they will be a big seller:

New Product: King Electric PGH Series Garage Heater. Portable or wall/ceiling bracket mount included. 4,000 or 4,800 Watts. 240 Volts

Case study of Warehouse Expansion and addition of Solaira Alpha Infrared Heaters/Controls

At Mor Electric Heating we have grown our sales/stock of Infrared HeatersRoof and Gutter Heating CablePipe Heating Cable and Comfort Heaters significantly. We needed to expand our stock shelves, boxing and receiving areas again, which were unheated. It would not be practical to heat the entire warehouse area since it is not insulated and is technically cold storage with an approximately 40 foot inside peak of the roof. So we are focusing on spot heating our working areas/stations. We decided those areas will need to be spot heated.  Depending on where you are standing at the workstations, the apparent temperature is approximately 25-50 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature.

We needed to install more infrared heaters, our first install was during a 2010 expansion of our shipping area when we chose to use four SALPHAH2-30240S (3.0kW 240Volt) because the reflector pattern, long life and 3,000 watts each (12 kW total) is well suited for that 20×20 area and 10-12 foot mounting height.


We had some challenges with the available mounting options but ended up with a great system for our needs.  We had to hang two of them from the rafters with 25 feet of chains!  We set the height of one of the heaters as low as possible (10-1/2 feet) while still being able to roll our ladder underneath it.

On the other side of the shipping area we were able to mount the heaters on the wall and from shorter chains:


For our 2015 expansion we installed Solaira Infrared Heaters because of the great success we had in our 2010 expansion and the warehouse employees love the heaters. We went with the Alpha Series and their Smart Variable Control.
We had plenty of 240 volt power available and despite the installation requiring a long run of conduit for the new heaters and controls the electricians quickly had it up and running..
For our new boxing area we used two SALPHAH3-60240B 6kW 240V Heaters:
To spot heat the end of our long center walkway we used one SALPHAH2-40240S 4kW 240V Silver Heater:
And to spot heat each end of our cut to length heating cable spooling area we used two SALPHAH2-40240S 4kW 240V Silver Heaters:



The five new heaters are controlled by the Solaira SMaRT30-DV 120/208-240V 30Amp Variable Control:


We might just now have one of the single largest electric heat distributor warehouses in the country. Because we are simply spot heating with electric infrared heaters we are highlighting the effectiveness of electric infrared heaters.

This application utilizes the benefits of spot heating in a large warehouse without having to heat the entire warehouse which would be very costly in this region of the country.

New Product: New Low Price Point Garage Heater with Remote Control! Qmark FLCH4R 240/208V Garage Heater w/ Remote


Qmark/Marley Fahrenheat – Remote Control – Warehouses, storage facilities, workshops – Built-in digital interface – 9 hour timer with auto shut-off – 240 Volt 4800/2400 watts or 208 Volt 3600/1800 Watts – Mounting bracket for wall or ceiling installationClipboard01