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Chromalox Industrial Electric Heaters & Controls.

Mor Electric Heating has been a Chromalox distributor since 1970.  Chromalox, has been a leading name in electric heater manufacturing since 1915 when its founder, Edwin L. Wiegand, invented and patented the first metal sheathed electric heater.  It has since grown to include a vast and varied product line.

Chromalox A Series Single & Three Heat Ring Heater

Chromalox ARMTO Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Light Weight Oil Applications. 120 and 240 Volt, 1" NPT Steel Screw Plug, Steel Sheath Element

Chromalox CIR Industrial Cartridge Heaters. 1/8 - 1.25" Dia., INCOLOY or Stainless Steel Sheath, Dies and Molds, Packing Machinery, etc.

Chromalox CVEP Explosion Proof Convection Heater

Chromalox CWM Series Constant Wattage Medium Temperature Heat Trace Cable designed for use on 120 to 480 Volts

Chromalox DRA Series Portable Spot Industrial Salamander Blower Heater. 7, 10, 15, and 30kW
Chromalox Drum & Surface Tank Heaters. Prevent contents in industrial drums, pails, tanks, containers & material hoppers from freezing or control viscosity

Chromalox Flexible Heaters. Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters, Kapton Heaters, Silicone Rubber Heaters & Enclosure Heaters

Chromalox FT-3 Fiberglas Pipe Tape. 66 foot roll glass cloth tape with pressure- sensitive thermosetting silicone adhesive 3/8" wide.
Chromalox LUH Horizontal Blower Unit Heater. 2.6 - 45 kW. 208, 240, 277, 480 and 600 Volt. 1 or 3 Phase. Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations

Chromalox MT Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Water - Clean

Chromalox OT 1-1/2" Wide Strip Heaters with Two Offset Terminals on One End
Chromalox OTF Finstrip Air Heater

Chromalox RAD Single Element Radiant Heater Designed for Process Heating

Chromalox Replacement Parts. Grommets, Bushings, Knobs, Thermostats, Terminal Blocks, Motors, etc.

Chromalox RTU 3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - Component of Radiant Heater (type RAD and RADD)
Chromalox SRFRG Self-Regulating Electric Roof & Gutter Heat Trace Cable. 120 & 240 Volt. Cut to Length

Chromalox SRL Self-Regulating Low Temperature Heating Cable For Use on Metal and Plastic Pipes & Tanks & freeze protection on fire protection systems
Chromalox SRM/E Self-Regulating Medium Temperature Heat Trace Cable

Chromalox SCB Edison Screw Base Space Cartridge Heater prevents moisture accumulation, mildew, and freezing.120/240V.

Chromalox STAR-F Fixed Factory Assembled ChromaStar infra-red comfort heaters
Chromalox STAR-P Portable/Factory Assembled ChromaStar infra-red comfort heaters

Chromalox UTU-LT 3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - UTU-LT





Mor Electric is proud to distribute what we consider to be the “Cadillac” of electric heating products.  Our staff of salesmen and engineers have been well trained and accumulated years of experience in Chromalox’s various divisions of products. Call for a quote or just with a question.  We may have a Chromalox solution.

• Heating Cable
• Heat Transfer Systems and Boilers
• Cartridge and Tubular Heaters
• Immersion Heaters
• Strip & Ring Heaters
• Radiant Heaters
• Band & Nozzle Heaters
• Circulation Heaters
• Corrosion Resistant Heaters
• Comfort Heaters
• Process Air Heaters
• Flexible Molded Products
• Controls
• Sensors 
• Process Controllers
• Power Controllers