The Heating Cable Guy (Brian)


It’s no secret that Mor Electric Heating is very strong in the Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Heating Cable markets. In fact many times we have been called the 800 pound Gorilla. About the only cable we don’t sell is Raychem/Chemelex. We are definitely interested in positioning ourselves as the USA leader in Heating Cable sales, stock and technical. There was a time about 15 years ago when we were that big in floor warming and we are quickly moving back into that position again.

So it is only fitting that we have a “Heating Cable Guy” as one of our salesmen.  If you are a cable installer or buyer of heating cable, there is really no reason to call any other company. Brian is so knowledgeable and our stock levels are so high that you can’t go wrong. Also because of our standing as a large distributor for most of the manufacturers (NuHeat, EasyHeat, Danfoss, Wrap-On, King Electric, PowerTech, ETI, EzeWarm, Calorique, WarmlyYours and Chromalox ) we have the ability to match or beat any other quotes you have.

Brian can quickly understand your roof, floor or pipe layout and decisively recommend the best way to handle your freeze protection or heating problem. We have Contractors who are amazed at how excellent the experience with Brian is.

Brian has been working for Mor Electric Heating for many years. Before coming to us he worked for his fathers Rep. Agency. Day Sales Agency is/was primarily an EasyHeat Representative and Brian was in daily projects and on job sites handling some of the biggest Heating Cable jobs around for many years. EasyHeat is the leader in the heating cable market and we are one of their largest distributors. Brian’s brother Phil runs Day Sales now and we communicate with him daily about some of the toughest Heat Trace jobs out there.

Brian’s direct number is 1-616-647-5272

If you call our main line he is at Ext. 5272

His e-mail is

Here are the products that we sell: