Honeywell Links and Vendor Profile

Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for Honeywell/Aube Thermostats, Relays, Transformers & Temperature Controllers.


Honeywell Remote Commercial  On-Off Temperature Controllers for ducts, tanks, heating & refrigeration units, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings, etc.

Honeywell EConnect RedLINK wireless thermostat control system for electric heat baseboards, convectors or fan-forced heaters.

Honeywell R841 Electric Heater Relay. Use with 2 wire, 24 Vac thermostat to control electric heating equipment such as baseboard, ceiling cable & duct heaters

Aube Tech Honeywell RC840 Series Relay Only, easy-to-install relay features instant activation and is compatible with 2-and 3-wire 24V thermostats

Aube Tech Honeywell RC840T Relay With built-in 24V Transformer. Compatible with 2- and 3-wire thermostats

Aube Tech Honeywell RT850 Series Relay With Transformer

Honeywell T410 Electric Heat Economy thermostat. Reliable line voltage control of resistive rated electric heating equipment. Snap-action switch.

Honeywell T4398 Mechanical High Performance Electric Heat Thermostats provide precise line voltage control of resistive-rated electric heating equipment.

Honeywell T451 Commercial Light & Medium Duty Line Voltage Thermostats
Honeywell T498 Brush Gold Electric Heat Thermostats provide line voltage control of electric heating systems.
Honeywell T6052 Commercial Heavy Duty Line Voltage Thermostats used to control fan coils, fans, motor starters, valves, contactors, and circulator motors in heating and/or cooling systems.
Honeywell Digital Round Non-Programmable T8775 Series Low Voltage Thermostat

Aube Tech Honeywell TH106 Series Line Voltage Thermostat, 2000W @ 120V, 4000W @ 240V

Honeywell (Aube Tech) TH108 Series Line Voltage Thermostat. 240 or 347 Volts, 2-wire non-polarized connection

Aube Tech Honeywell TH114-A Series Line Voltage Thermostat. 120/240Volts

Aube Tech Honeywell TH114-AF Series Low Voltage Thermostats

Aube Tech Honeywell TH115-A Series Low Voltage Thermostat

Honeywell TH401 Line Volt Manual Thermostat with TRIAC for Electric Heating; Baseboard heater; Radiant ceiling; Convector or Fan-forced Heater

Honeywell TH404/U 7-Day Programmable Line Voltage Electric Heat Thermostat

Honeywell LineVoltPRO TL7235A1003 digital thermostats. Electronic control of 208/240 Vac electric baseboard, convectors and fan forced heaters

Honeywell TL8130A1005 16.7A SP Digital LineVoltPRO programmable thermostat. Electronic control of 208/240 Vac electric baseboard, convectors & fan forced heaters

Honeywell TL8230A1003 LineVoltPRO 8000 programmable thermostat. Electronic control of 208/240 Vac electric baseboard, convectors, fan forced heaters