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Introducing internet controllable thermostats that are line voltage! The King Electric Wifi Enabled Programmable Thermostat with Atmoz Smartphone App

We have been searching for an easy to use line voltage internet controlled thermostat for years. We believe that King Electric is the first to introduce a truly acceptable product that does everything. It even works on fan forced heaters, so they are powering the fan delay! It works with your existing wifi router and no extra router or device is needed and there is a smartphone app. You can connect every room (each thermostat) to the app and have whole house visibility and control as long as you have cell phone reception. It’s line voltage so you can replace existing thermostats in minutes and be connected. On new installs, just bring power to the thermostat and then to the heater like any thermostat. The only drawback is that it is 208 or 240 volt only, so 120V heaters cannot be used, although they do have a bluetooth version for those.

The WiFi Enabled Thermostat & Smart Phone App
Temperature Range: 41º – 90ºF (5º – 32ºC) Accuracy: +1º F
Max Power: 3328W @ 208VAC (16A)
Max Power: 3840W @ 240VAC (16A)
Sensing Element: Electronic
208, 240 volts / 16 amps

Wifi Enabled thermostat with smart phone app. Programmable with Atmoz Android and iOS App. Control is always in the palm of your hand.

King’s Atmoz WIFI enabled thermostat combines the latest technology with a sleek modern design, offering
unparalleled user control. It’s highly accurate sensing technology saves up to 28% on heating costs. This feature achieves higher
comfort levels with reduced temperature swings as compared to economy models. With its simple, intuitive smart phone app interface
you can control all thermostats in your home with ease. Control is always in the palm of your hands.

• Programmable with Atmoz Smart Phone App
• Single or double pole line voltage
• Back-lit display for easy viewing
• Temperature range 41º – 90ºF (5º – 32ºC)
• Program 4 or 6 time periods for maximum flexibility
• Electronic sensing for accurate temperature control (±1ºF)
• For use on baseboard, fan forced & radiant electric heaters
• Large back-lit buttons allow easy adjustment & programming
• Mounts directly to a 2×4 inch vertical electrical outlet box

Smart Phone iPhone or Android App
• Connect Via WIFI For Convenient Programming & Use
• Easy To Navigate Menus For Quick Programming
• Control Multiple Thermostats For Total Home Control
• Available for Android and iOS.

In-Home mobility
Convenient connectivity allows for total user comfort throughout the home. Control from anywhere with cell service or WIfI. With the ATMOZ smart phone app, you can adjust the temperature of your thermostat from the comfort of the couch. The climate of your home will become a customized atmosphere that you control, or let ATMOZ do it for you.

Comfort just a click away
The ATMOZ menu & interface were designed to create an excellent experience for all users. Including password protection to block unauthorized users from making unwanted changes. Each menu is easy to navigate and includes large buttons, allowing for quick and simple programming of all your custom settings. Making changes is no longer a hassle. Going on vacation, simply pre-schedule your Vacation Mode Settings. With ATMOZ, your home is in good hands.

Infinite Possibilities
While using ATMOZ, total home control becomes your reality. The app allows the user to control multiple thermostats, with no limit, throughout the home. ATMOZ thermostats are programmable with up to six time periods in a day. By selecting Boost Mode, the current period can be extended up to 3 additional hours, without altering the programmed schedule. Let ATMOZ find new possibilities in your home.

Changes made easy
Manually override your programmed settings at any time with the app or directly through the thermostat. Your presets will still retain the same settings, and the override temperature will only remain until the end of the current period. However, by activating Hold Mode, you can lock the current temperature for any duration until manually changed. ATMOZ gives your home the comfort that you deserve.

New Product: Dimplex DX-233 Series Explosion Proof Industrial Heater. 24VAC Transformer. 208 & 240(1&3Ph), 480 & 600V(3Ph)

Dimplex DX-233 Series Explosion Proof Heater

Heavy duty industrial unit heaters featuring T3C ratings – the lowest ignition temperature rating in the industry! The DX-233 Series heaters are offered in a wide range of power outputs, voltage ratings and available control systems for custom tailoring to your needs. Dual (automatic and manual reset) over-temperature protection incorporated with a 70 PSIG relief value setting for additional user safety. A welded steel heat exchanger with painted steel heaters, steel tubes, and spiral wound aluminum fins for extra unit durability. Ideal for environments where there is a risk of vapour or dust combustion.

Baked on polyester powder-coated cabinet; epoxy covered motor; NEMA 7, 9 cast aluminum control circuit enclosure. Also available in 316 stainless steel or Heresite® construction. Contact factory for information.

Heating Element:
Welded steel heat exchanger with painted steel heaters, steel tubes and spiral wound aluminum fins

Heat Exchanger:
The advanced design allows lower operating temperatures from sealed liquid-to-air heat exchanger with steel tubes, and integral aluminum fins. The pressure relief device provides excel pressure protection.

Controls & Wiring:
24VAC transformer; contactor; with automatic and manual reset over temperature thermal cut-outs. Adjustable covers.




  • T3C ratings
    Lowest ignition temperature code rating in the industry: T3C, 320F
  • Dual over-temperature protection
    Automatic and manual reset cutout for additional safety
  • Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid
    Allows lower operating temperatures
  • Low 70 PSIG relief valve setting
    Assures initial escaping vapor temperature remains below 320F ignition point
  • Modular design
    Built for use in dry non-corrosive areas


New Product: Internet Controlled Electric Heating! Dimplex CX-WIFI-A CONNEX WIFI Thermostat. Multi-zone Programmable Controller. Wireless and Internet Control of Smart Heaters with CONNEX

Dimplex CX-WIFI-A CONNEX WIFI Thermostat. Multi-zone Programmable Controller. Wireless and Internet Control of Smart Heaters with CONNEX

Handsome young hipster with his smartphone outside in the night city
Handsome young hipster with his smartphone outside in the night city


WI-FI Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller. Wireless Control of Smart Heaters with CONNEX

Model # CX-WIFI

The WI-FI Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller lets you manage your Dimplex CONNEX smart heaters using your mobile device. Both the controller and heaters feature built-in wireless technology that makes installation a breeze and allows for simple, whole-home control. And the Dimplex CONNEX App makes it easy to stay connected from anywhere. If comfort is important to you and your family, installing a Dimplex Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller will have you experiencing the most important comfort of all… The comfort of control.



  • Control from anyplace: Electric heating control using your mobile device
  • Adjust zones and schedule: Customize heating zones for perfect comfort
  • Save on your energy costs: Pre-programmed to maximize savings
  • Free app: Easy-to-use with no monthly fee
  • Arrive in comfort: Warm-up cottages and remote locations before you arrive
  • Fully compatible: Works with your existing CONNEX enabled Smart Heaters



  • Volts: 120V
  • Range: 50 Feet
  • Color: White
  • Construction Materials: White molded polymer, with a LCD touch screen for ease of programming.
  • Installation: Includes stand for tabletop and wall-mount bracket
  • Compatibility: CONNEXTM Compatible


System Requirements
• Broadband internet connection (customer purchased) and wireless router (802.11 b/g/n)
• Smartphone or tablet with internet browser (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 9 or higher)
• Software automatically updates as long as controller is connected to WIFI
• Free IOS and Android apps available at time of release

CX_WIFI_Apple_Android_App DimplexApp_Screen_Dashboard_C_1280pixel Tablet_Zone_Dashboard_1280

New Product: Qmark CHPR25 – Compact Freeze Protection Heater. Approved for installation in concealed space, between a finished / drop ceiling or inside plenum space

 The Plenum space is tough to heat. Nobody knows it better than Marley. They have an interesting new entry into the market. A low cost unit like heater that can be quickly purchased off the shelf and installed.
CHPR25 – Approved for installation in a concealed space, an area between a finished ceiling and drop ceiling, a plenum space, or inside a plenum.

• Applications include primary, supplementary or auxiliary heat source in factories, stores, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, workshops, large or exposed areas or additions.# 18 gauge all steel casing with neutral grey polyester powder coat finish for corrosion protection
• Easy to install using the hanging bracket supplied
• Steel finned low watt density element. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern to assure that all incoming air passes through the heating element
• High limit thermal cutout automatically shuts off current in the event of overheating and reactivates the heater when temperature returns to normal.
• Fan delay control
• Optional alarm (240V) to alert automatic thermal limit tripped. Model AFL240
• ETL Listed – Control number 9900268
• Built-in, heavy duty, contactor/relay
• Control Box gasketed to keep out moisture and dust. NEMA 12 construction
• Fan motor is totally enclosed, permanently lubricated and thermally protected
• Great air throw
• Single Point field wiring connection

New Product: Dimplex DTX 240/208V Electronic Convection Heater 500/375W, 1000/750W, 1500/1125W, 2000/1500W

 Dimplex has introduced a great new panel convection heater. More popular in Europe, they are making the rounds here now. This unit is similar to the PPC but without the connex wireless thermostat
This heater’s sleek design with built-in electronic thermostat provides an energy efficient panel heating solution. With no moving parts, the heater provides quiet, even heat. The built-in electronic thermostat maintains room temperature to within 0.5°C (0.9°F) for maximum comfort and up to 10% energy savings.

• Surface mount application only
• Moves warm air quickly and silently even without a fan
• Easy Installation – Rear junction box with cable clamp for easy wiring.
• Tilt-forward Design – Detachable wall-mounting bracket for easy installation and cleaning.
• Safe Heating – Automatic high limit protection.
• Built-in Electronic Thermostat – Maintains room temperature to within 0.5°C (0.9°F) for maximum comfort and up to 10% energy savings.
• Energy Savings – Save up to 10% on your heating bill.
• Powder coat finish – The polyester epoxy powder coat painted finish resists fading and abrasion for long life and durability.

• Volts: 240/208V
• Wattage: 500/375W, 1000/750W, 1500/1125W, 2000/1500W
• Warranty: 2-year limited warranty on complete unit; 10-year warranty on element.
• Available in: North America
• Controls: Built-in electronic thermostat
• Finish: Polyester powder coated finish on body and grille
• Heating Element: Finned, steel sheathed element for durability and efficient heat transfer.
• Approvals: CSA
• Construction: Attractive one-piece front cover constructed of durable 22 gauge steel.
• Colour: White
• Installation: Detachable Hinged wall mounting bracket for easy installation.
• Applications: Bedrooms, Family / living rooms, Foyers / entry, Home office, Kitchen

New Qmark QCH-F Series Electric Ceiling Heater. Recessed Installation or Surface Mounting Frame

Qmark’s (Marley) is redesigning most of their wall and ceiling heaters with new grills. They have now done the QCH Ceiling Heaters, which have also received the -F suffix. The new grills are white and rounded, as were the wall heater grills:

IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318

The type QCH Ceiling Mounted Heaters are designed for dens, basements, converted attics, breezeways, garages, bathrooms, small offices, workshops and similar areas. 500 to 2000 watts.

Room temperature is controlled by a remote wall thermostat which must be purchased separately.

New on our website: MWUH7504 Qmark Unit Heater

It is pretty tough to find a quality heater in the $400 range that throws out 7,500 Watts! This heater includes a built in thermostat and a ceiling mounting bracket!


Qmark Marley MWUH Series Electric Unit Heater. 240/208Volt. Up to 7.5KW. Ceiling mounted. Factories, stores, garages, warehouses, etc.

Qmark Marley Horizontal/Downflow Unit Heater – 240 Volt 7500/6250/5000/3750 Watts – 208 Volt 5625/4685/3750/2812 Watts – 270 CFM – 16 Foot Air Throw – Includes Built In Single Pole Thermostat (45-135 Deg. F.) and Ceiling Mounting Bracket
This heaters is in the same family as the very popular, lower wattage MWUH5004:

See the MWUH504 on our website at:

New Product: Kemf HOT-flakes Electric Indoor Heated Foot Warmer Rubber Mats with an incorporated thermostat. Residential or commercial employees working on cement floors, garages or workshops.

Use on floor wherever you want extra warmth, such as;
• Home & Office
• Residential & Industrial workshops
• Just about anywhere where warm flooring can provide warm feet.

• Improves comfort and workspace.
• Promotes circulation to lower extremities – promotes body warming.
• Ergonomic design helps promote good posture when sitting.
• Uses less energy than a light bulb – draws only 80 watts of energy.
• Surface design delivers a passive foot massage.

HOTflake FOOTWARMER has been pre-tested and set to the correct temperature for use. The mat has been designed so warmth travels upwards, circulating around your feet and legs.

Observe safety precautions:
• Do not cover.
• Do not fold or twist.
• Do not use if cut or damaged.
• Keep away from pets and children.
• Keep dry and free from obstruction.
• For “indoor use” only

HOTflake FOOTWARMER contains an electric heating element that produces uniformed, radiant heat. It is thermostatically controlled so that the heat will be maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electrical shock. (As with any new heated rubber product, the rubber odor may be quite noticeable when plugged in for the first time. This is temporary and will dissipate quickly.)

This appliance has a polarized plug. To reduce risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet one way. if the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way.

New Product: King Electric PH-16 1500 Watt 120 Volt Portable Ceramic Comfort Cube Heater – Silver

Description:  PH-16 Portable Ceramic Fan Heater 120V

King Electric 1500 Watt 120 Volt Portable Ceramic Comfort Cube Fan Heater – Silver – 2 heat settings 750/1500 Watt – Ceramic heating element – 4 position switch fan only/low/high/off – Adjustable thermostat – Overheat Protection

New Product: TRF115-005 Freeze protection thermostat

Description:  TRF115-005 Freeze protection thermostat

King Electric Peco Weatherproof Thermostat, Weatherproof enclosure with 5 ft. remote bulb sensor. Adjustable temp 0F to 120F, and is suitable for 24 VAC operation – 25 amp @120/208/240V – 22 amp @ 277V

New Product: King Electric PUH1215T 120 Volt 750 Watt/1500 Watt Portable King Electric Portable Personal Ceramic Utility Heater

Description:  PUH1215T Portable Utility Heater 120V

King Electric 120 Volt 750 Watt/1500 Watt Portable King Electric Portable Personal Ceramic Utility Heater – Rugged steel construction – Auto-reset safety limit – Built-in thermostat – Ceramic heating element – 1-year warranty

New Product: King Electric 1500 Watt Portable Electric Milkhouse Heater

Description:  PHM-1 Portable Utility Heater 120V 1500W

King Electric 1500 Watt Portable Electric Milkhouse Heater – 2 heat settings 1300/1500 watts – Ni-Chrome heating elememt – Durable powder coated steel housing – Adjustable thermostat – Overheat Protection – Safety Tip-over switch

New Product: King Electric 120 Volt Dual-wattage 5 Foot ECO Portable Energy Saving Electric Baseboard Heater

Description:  KP1215-ECO Portable Baseboard Heater

King Electric 120 Volt Dual-wattage 5 Foot ECO Portable Energy Saving Electric Baseboard Heater – 750/1500 Watt – High temperature limit – Quiet & efficient convection heat – Convenient carry handle on back – All angle tip-over switch – cUL certified

New Product: King Electric PHTR-9 1200 Watt 120 Volt Portable Radiant Tower Heater

Description:  PHTR-9 Portable Radiant Tower Heater

King Electric 1200 Watt 120 Volt Portable Radiant Tower Heater – 2 heat settings 600/1200 watts – Dual quartz radiant tower heater – Durable powder coated steel grill stays cool to the touch – Adjustable thermostat – Overheat Protection

New Product: Qmark COS-E Series – Residential Fan-Forced Zonal Wall Heaters


The COS-E Series does not replace the CRA series, it is actually a lower cost, similar heater. Hence it has the potential to become one of Marley’s best selling products.

Applications: Basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, remodels

• Compact Universal Design
• Optimal Wattage and Voltage
• Safety Standards Compliant
• Easy Installation and Maintenance
• Voltage selections: 120V, 208V, 240V
• Wattage selections: 375W, 570W, 750W, 1125W, 1500W, 2000W