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Extreme Global Cooling may be already started, buy Roof and Gutter Heaters and Pipe Freeze Protection cable now.

Pacific ocean temperatures (PDO) are forecast to be below normal for decades and we still have a sun mostly without sunspots (Now similar to the early 1800’s Dalton Minimum or perhaps worse, the “mini ice age” of the Maunder type minimum)
At the climate change conference in Chicago over the weekend a prominent Geologist presented evidence of current and future global cooling:
and his paper predicts an increase in per capita energy demands, especially for heating.

Buy electric heaters from before it is too late and the snow and cold hits.  We are increasing our stock levels to meet your needs, as we have done for the past couple bad winters.  Last year, for the first time we sold pipe heating cable to areas such as Florida and roof snow melting cable to areas such as Eastern Pennsylvania.

A very cold winter coming? (2010-2011).

El Niño has finally faded away and it’s possible there a La Niña on the way.  Eastern pacific ocean temperatures are going to below normal (PDO).  Most of the models are predicting at least below normal temperatures in those regions through the end of the year. We still have a very cold sun (still without sunspots,) the entire ocean seems to be cooling (ocean currents are going back to colder patterns), arctic ice is back to normal, volcano activity is high, October Through March Was the Snowiest On Record In The Northern Hemisphere. Global cooling is becoming the more likely scenario now and for many years to come in the USA. Most of the USA just had a very cold winter during the El Niño, so a cold La Niña winter might be worse. Buy electric heaters from before it is too late and the snow and cold hits.

Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters

There are some brands of electric heaters that are not repairable with parts from the manufacturer. We get calls from customers trying to repair some heaters which don’t have parts available. One that is sold at the big box stores is the Fahrenheit version from Marley, and they are a little different from their Qmark brand and they are not supported with available parts. Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc. is a stocking distributor of replacement parts for many of the heaters that we sell. We stock and can get any available parts from manufacturers such as Marley (Qmark/Berko), King Electric Heating, Markel (TPI Corp.), Warren Technology, etc.
Qmark/Marley electric heaters (wall heaters, baseboard heaters, unit heaters, etc.) are completely repairable with over 5,000 replacement parts listed on our website at We stock dozens of their parts (motors, fan delays, hi limits, thermal cutouts, thermostats, etc.) which are easily identifiable with the part number printed right on the part or in the .pdf drawings at
King Electric Heating has over 500 replacement parts available.

We want to make sure the customer has heaters that are the best choice for them and you get what you pay for so choose a heater wisely.