The revolutionary HotPod room heater

The HotPod  is an incredible new product.  It is a residential in-line duct heater for supplemental heating of a cold room or as a whole house primary heating system with several of them.  The HP6-1440120 is installed in standard 6 inch duct work (remove 14 inches of duct) It also has a  fan only cooling feature. The Grainger # is 4XKZ6.  It is 1440 or 720 Watts / 120 Vac / 120 CFM.

The product is now manufactured and sold by TPI Corp. (Markel) and they have been given exclusive rights by Erivations, Inc.  We are a TPI distributor and there will be no interruption in supply and we have them in stock now:

Unlike traditional electric heaters, it can use almost any thermostat.  It is designed to use a low voltage thermostat (the hotpod has a built-in relay) which means it can use a wider variety of thermostats and common 18 or 20 gauge thermostat wire.  You can even control 2 or 3 hotpods with one thermostat when using it with two inexpensive relays (one for heat and the other for fan/cool feature) such as the Honeywell R8222D1014 24V – 24 Volts.