Going Green? Use Electric Infrared and/or Zoned Heaters

We have some customers telling us that they are very interested in many types of electric heaters, because they can be powered by their renewable energy. Green, clean electricity is being produced at their home or business from solar/wind/fuel cells, etc. to replace fossil fuels such as Natural Gas/Heating Oil/Propane.  They are also looking to reduce their dependence on fuels that have price volatility, depending on local markets or even the middle east (propane and heating oil are made from or are by-products of crude oil).  The same electric heating systems, when connected to the local utility can be powered by larger installations of green energy or even nuclear, which has no air pollution.  We have many customers converting to infrared heaters such as cove heaters, radiant ceiling panels, floor and ceiling heat, and wall panels because the thermostat can be set much lower due to the fact that you feel warmer with infrared heaters pointed at you.  We have many customers converting to zoned electric heat as well, we have options such as the HotPod that uses your existing ductwork and very inexpensive options such as baseboard heaters and wall heaters at https://morelectricheating.com/products/HEATING/COMFORT%20HEATERS.aspx
Heating only the rooms that you are using, programmed to only when you are using them, and setting each thermostat to the lowest temperature that can be tolerated in that particular room is the true key to saving big money on energy.