We now sell and stock King Electric Replacement Parts

We now have online ordering for all of King Electric’s over 400 parts and we are stocking their fastest moving parts (Hi-Temperature Limits, Knobs, Fan Delay Switches, Thermostats, Heating Elements, etc.)  King Electric heaters (wall heaters, baseboard heaters, unit heaters, etc.) are completely repairable with these replacement parts and they have wisely chosen to make these parts available to service past and future customers, they proudly stand behind their quality heaters in every way.  They have been selling electric heaters since 1958 and we are ready to help customers repair those heaters by providing one or more parts to customers or their contractor who know the part # (We are not in a position to troubleshoot a heater, that is the job of an electrical contractor.)  We are excited to help take King Electric’s heaters to a new level where more people actually fix the heater instead of choosing some other option.  

A link to order each part is at: www.heatersplus.com/kingparts.html

The parts are also shown in a .pdf file where each specific heater has a break-out exploded view drawing with the parts identified on our website at: www.heatersplus.com/pdf/Parts/King_Electric_PC_2006_PartsBook_with_links.pdf