Many converting to electric heat due to RECORD HIGH HEATING OIL

The EIA weekly update shows Heating Oil up $0.07 to $3.94 (all time record high) and Propane up $0.01 to $2.83 ($0.05 from the all time record high)

Heating Oil Historical Price Chart now at record level:

The gradual climb in prices typically seen during the heating season is still to come.These are price levels never before seen and higher than in 2008, the last boom in electric heat when droves of people were converting to heating with electricity.
We are here to help you make the conversion in all or part to a more stable form of energy. We now offer the latest and perhaps the best option: The new Dimplex LC Convector (baseboard heater) which is an engineering masterpiece and game changer:
The linear convector is up to 42 percent shorter than conventional baseboard heaters. It features top discharge to transfer heated air to the room fast. A unique shark-fin blade shape for its heating element fins improves heat transfer and accelerates heated air into the room. This configuration also creates a laminar flow effect that reduces heat loss through the outside wall up to 10 percent, providing energy savings to the end user.  It comes in a range of sizes (500-2,500 W).

The high Heating Oil prices (and Propane) and the Middle East uncertainty is causing us to get orders for electric comfort heaters. Some people appear to be tearing out their entire system (Oil furnace, outdoor tank, etc) and installing baseboard heaters, floor drop-in heaters or wall heaters because there is already a hole in their floor or wall. Ceiling and cove panel infrared heaters are also popular.  People can switch to alot of different choices for heating and we intend to be the leader in helping people convert to electric comfort heating in response to this damaging and amazing rise in the cost of heating. They are a great choice for many people, especially when zoning rooms is part of the plan.

Other Electric Comfort Heaters: