New Product: Dimplex DX-233 Series Explosion Proof Industrial Heater. 24VAC Transformer. 208 & 240(1&3Ph), 480 & 600V(3Ph)

Dimplex DX-233 Series Explosion Proof Heater

Heavy duty industrial unit heaters featuring T3C ratings – the lowest ignition temperature rating in the industry! The DX-233 Series heaters are offered in a wide range of power outputs, voltage ratings and available control systems for custom tailoring to your needs. Dual (automatic and manual reset) over-temperature protection incorporated with a 70 PSIG relief value setting for additional user safety. A welded steel heat exchanger with painted steel heaters, steel tubes, and spiral wound aluminum fins for extra unit durability. Ideal for environments where there is a risk of vapour or dust combustion.

Baked on polyester powder-coated cabinet; epoxy covered motor; NEMA 7, 9 cast aluminum control circuit enclosure. Also available in 316 stainless steel or Heresite® construction. Contact factory for information.

Heating Element:
Welded steel heat exchanger with painted steel heaters, steel tubes and spiral wound aluminum fins

Heat Exchanger:
The advanced design allows lower operating temperatures from sealed liquid-to-air heat exchanger with steel tubes, and integral aluminum fins. The pressure relief device provides excel pressure protection.

Controls & Wiring:
24VAC transformer; contactor; with automatic and manual reset over temperature thermal cut-outs. Adjustable covers.




  • T3C ratings
    Lowest ignition temperature code rating in the industry: T3C, 320F
  • Dual over-temperature protection
    Automatic and manual reset cutout for additional safety
  • Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid
    Allows lower operating temperatures
  • Low 70 PSIG relief valve setting
    Assures initial escaping vapor temperature remains below 320F ignition point
  • Modular design
    Built for use in dry non-corrosive areas