The future of heating is now available: Hotpod residential and commercial comfort heater – Energy Efficient, Saves Money, Easy to Install

TPI/Markel Hotpod Inline Duct Heater

TPI Corporation is now manufacturing a new product called the HotPod which works in conjunction with an existing heating or cooling system to improve home/office comfort while lowering utility costs. This unique product has numerous benefits: 1. SAVES ENERGY, 2. Offers the user a heating or cooling zone controlled HVAC system, 3. Operates as a back-up heating system, 4. Quiet operation, & 5. Quick and easy installation.

What is hotpod?

The Hotpod is a device, installed in existing ductwork, which will allow the homeowner to control the temperature of an individual room. The Hotpod can also be installed with the optional Silent Boot (sold separately) that gives customers a premium, noise-reduced duct system.