BREAKING NEWS: Aura announces PRICE DROP through January: $99 Aura Glass Flat Panel Radiant Convection Heater!

This amazing new heater has a temporary price of $99! The introductory price was $129.99. An affordable 1,500 Watt flat panel heater!

This heater is also a major entry into the portable heater market since it has a portable wheel kit included.

The Aura Slim Profile Glass Panel Convection Heater provides a low level radiant heating effect for more even heat distribution in the area. This safe, attractive heater can be used as room to room portable or can be mounted on a wall for a clean modern look. Equipped with a digital control panel and convenient remote control, you can turn down your thermostat in the house and control the temperature specifically in the room you are in to your desired comfort level.

Model # DGFP15120B is a 1500 Watt 120 Volt Glass Panel Heater: