Introducing internet controllable thermostats that are line voltage! The King Electric Wifi Enabled Programmable Thermostat with Atmoz Smartphone App

We have been searching for an easy to use line voltage internet controlled thermostat for years. We believe that King Electric is the first to introduce a truly acceptable product that does everything. It even works on fan forced heaters, so they are powering the fan delay! It works with your existing wifi router and no extra router or device is needed and there is a smartphone app. You can connect every room (each thermostat) to the app and have whole house visibility and control as long as you have cell phone reception. It’s line voltage so you can replace existing thermostats in minutes and be connected. On new installs, just bring power to the thermostat and then to the heater like any thermostat. The only drawback is that it is 208 or 240 volt only, so 120V heaters cannot be used, although they do have a bluetooth version for those.

The WiFi Enabled Thermostat & Smart Phone App
Temperature Range: 41º – 90ºF (5º – 32ºC) Accuracy: +1º F
Max Power: 3328W @ 208VAC (16A)
Max Power: 3840W @ 240VAC (16A)
Sensing Element: Electronic
208, 240 volts / 16 amps

Wifi Enabled thermostat with smart phone app. Programmable with Atmoz Android and iOS App. Control is always in the palm of your hand.

King’s Atmoz WIFI enabled thermostat combines the latest technology with a sleek modern design, offering
unparalleled user control. It’s highly accurate sensing technology saves up to 28% on heating costs. This feature achieves higher
comfort levels with reduced temperature swings as compared to economy models. With its simple, intuitive smart phone app interface
you can control all thermostats in your home with ease. Control is always in the palm of your hands.

• Programmable with Atmoz Smart Phone App
• Single or double pole line voltage
• Back-lit display for easy viewing
• Temperature range 41º – 90ºF (5º – 32ºC)
• Program 4 or 6 time periods for maximum flexibility
• Electronic sensing for accurate temperature control (±1ºF)
• For use on baseboard, fan forced & radiant electric heaters
• Large back-lit buttons allow easy adjustment & programming
• Mounts directly to a 2×4 inch vertical electrical outlet box

Smart Phone iPhone or Android App
• Connect Via WIFI For Convenient Programming & Use
• Easy To Navigate Menus For Quick Programming
• Control Multiple Thermostats For Total Home Control
• Available for Android and iOS.

In-Home mobility
Convenient connectivity allows for total user comfort throughout the home. Control from anywhere with cell service or WIfI. With the ATMOZ smart phone app, you can adjust the temperature of your thermostat from the comfort of the couch. The climate of your home will become a customized atmosphere that you control, or let ATMOZ do it for you.

Comfort just a click away
The ATMOZ menu & interface were designed to create an excellent experience for all users. Including password protection to block unauthorized users from making unwanted changes. Each menu is easy to navigate and includes large buttons, allowing for quick and simple programming of all your custom settings. Making changes is no longer a hassle. Going on vacation, simply pre-schedule your Vacation Mode Settings. With ATMOZ, your home is in good hands.

Infinite Possibilities
While using ATMOZ, total home control becomes your reality. The app allows the user to control multiple thermostats, with no limit, throughout the home. ATMOZ thermostats are programmable with up to six time periods in a day. By selecting Boost Mode, the current period can be extended up to 3 additional hours, without altering the programmed schedule. Let ATMOZ find new possibilities in your home.

Changes made easy
Manually override your programmed settings at any time with the app or directly through the thermostat. Your presets will still retain the same settings, and the override temperature will only remain until the end of the current period. However, by activating Hold Mode, you can lock the current temperature for any duration until manually changed. ATMOZ gives your home the comfort that you deserve.