New Product: Qmark CHPR25 – Compact Freeze Protection Heater. Approved for installation in concealed space, between a finished / drop ceiling or inside plenum space

 The Plenum space is tough to heat. Nobody knows it better than Marley. They have an interesting new entry into the market. A low cost unit like heater that can be quickly purchased off the shelf and installed.
CHPR25 – Approved for installation in a concealed space, an area between a finished ceiling and drop ceiling, a plenum space, or inside a plenum.

• Applications include primary, supplementary or auxiliary heat source in factories, stores, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, workshops, large or exposed areas or additions.# 18 gauge all steel casing with neutral grey polyester powder coat finish for corrosion protection
• Easy to install using the hanging bracket supplied
• Steel finned low watt density element. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern to assure that all incoming air passes through the heating element
• High limit thermal cutout automatically shuts off current in the event of overheating and reactivates the heater when temperature returns to normal.
• Fan delay control
• Optional alarm (240V) to alert automatic thermal limit tripped. Model AFL240
• ETL Listed – Control number 9900268
• Built-in, heavy duty, contactor/relay
• Control Box gasketed to keep out moisture and dust. NEMA 12 construction
• Fan motor is totally enclosed, permanently lubricated and thermally protected
• Great air throw
• Single Point field wiring connection