New on our website: MWUH7504 Qmark Unit Heater

It is pretty tough to find a quality heater in the $400 range that throws out 7,500 Watts! This heater includes a built in thermostat and a ceiling mounting bracket!


Qmark Marley MWUH Series Electric Unit Heater. 240/208Volt. Up to 7.5KW. Ceiling mounted. Factories, stores, garages, warehouses, etc.

Qmark Marley Horizontal/Downflow Unit Heater – 240 Volt 7500/6250/5000/3750 Watts – 208 Volt 5625/4685/3750/2812 Watts – 270 CFM – 16 Foot Air Throw – Includes Built In Single Pole Thermostat (45-135 Deg. F.) and Ceiling Mounting Bracket
This heaters is in the same family as the very popular, lower wattage MWUH5004:

See the MWUH504 on our website at: