People are having alot of problems with the weather. What a horrible winter!

We have never seen so many people, so late in the winter that are having so many problems.  Typically, by now, the Roof and Gutter Heating cable season is about over.  But we are swamped with calls and the Ice Dams are huge this year. Fortunately we still have alot of EasyHeat ADKS roof cable on the shelf and customers are buying up to 6 at a time like a feeding frenzy.  There is alot of water flowing in attics and walls. We can’t keep the new Nuheat cable on the shelf but the equivalent EasyHeat PSR is in stock. If you have cable installed underneath it, we want to let everyone know that as long as the water is flowing below the ice in a melt channel, that is a good sign that your roof is o.k.. You cannot keep the ice and snow clear from your roof in this type of winter. No roof heating solution can do that. What we try to do is make a path for the melt water to flow.

And the pipe heating cable demand is intense. The calls from so many southern states are quite unique.  And now with a punishing, dangerous winter storm on the way there is intense demand from states like Texas.  We are watching to see what this record breaking storm will do to our sales, we are trying to get caught up so we can get all orders shipped today after a big weekend of sales. We intend to meet the crushing storm related demand and have a large generator on site in case we lose power.  Count on us to have it on the shelf and get it out the door and on the UPS truck today!