New Product: K&H Thermo-Hose (PVC) Thermostatically controlled 5/8″ double-wall PVC hose. Available in 20’, 40’ & 60’ lengths

K&H Thermo-Hose (PVC)

• Thermostatically controlled
• 5/8″ double-wall PVC hose
• Solid brass couplings
• Quality, double walled hose
• Turns itself off during warmer weather
• No need to drain hose between uses
• MET Listed
• Patented
• Not for use as a water source for RVs!

The K&H Farm Essentials Thermo-Hose makes life easier for farmers, ranchers, and others needing to use a water hose in cold climates. Simple to use, just plug it in and heat the hose for 20 minutes and you will have an ice-free, flexible hose. Take the headache out of having to use a hose in cold weather. Available in 20’, 40’, and 60’ lengths.

Uses around the farm and home:
• Filling stock tanks
• Filling hot tubs
• Filling ponds & water gardens
• Cleaning dog kennels
• Great around the barn
• Handy around the job site
• Dozens of other uses!
• Thermostatic Temperature Control

With the K&H Thermo-Hose, there’s no need to drain it between uses! Internal thermostats automatically monitor water temperature and turn the unit on and off to keep the average water temperature just above freezing. Our unique technology ensures that your Thermo-Hose will only heat up as often as needed.

Multiple Length Options
To meet the unique needs of our clients, we offer the K&H Thermo-Hose in 3 lengths. Choose from 20, 40, and 60 foot options.

Quality Build
Constructed with durable 5/8″ double walls and solid brass couplings, the PVC Thermo-Hose is built to last. Haul it around your farm, ranch, or wherever a water hose is needed.

The hose must be disconnected after each use so that it does not freeze at the connection point.

Occasional Use
Simply plug in your Thermo-Hose 5 to 30 minutes before use. On colder days, it can take 15 to 30 minutes to completely thaw the hose. On warmer winter days, it can thaw in as little as 2 or 3 minutes. Only hook it up to water source when in immediate use.

Heavy or Frequent Use
Leave your Thermo-Hose plugged in all winter long. The thermostat will turn the hose off when ambient air temperatures rise above freezing. Only hook up to water source when in immediate use. Immediately after use, unhook from water source.

With a Sprayer or Attachment
If using a sprayer or any other attachment, do not leave the Thermo-Hose under pressure for extended periods of time.

Patent #8,028,721