Introducing the world’s first all weather outdoor portable freestanding post mount patio heater. Aura Patio Plus!

For about 15 years we have desired a radiant quartz heater with these specifications. In the late 1990’s one of our vendors had shown us a new product introduction of a heater that would be weatherproof. It was later dropped before becoming available. The vendor had literature and everything ready and then stopped due to the difficulties in getting certification (UL, ETL or CSA) on a product such as this. Mor Electric Heating was one of the first distributors to partner with Solaira (Inforesight) and we are included in their product development review and programs. An all weather outdoor pole mounted heater has been one of our requests from Inforesight and we are thrilled and excited to see the excellent capabilities of this Vendor finally bring this product to market! It took them a year longer than anticipated and it now has certification.

There are many non-weatherproof heaters on the market, some of which we also sell. They must be turned off in precipitation and taken inside or covered.

The Aura AURAPP15120SS patio plus heater is 7 foot, 7 inches with an 8 foot plug/cordset, weighted Base. 1,500 watt, 120 volt

Aura is a brand of Inforesight Consumer Products Inc. whose original and biggest brand is Solaira, a leader in the outdoor heating market.

We are the first to bring you this amazing new heater which we believe greatly enhances the outdoor comfort electric heating world.
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