Pipe Heating Cable Season. It is time for careful attention to this important product.

With the peak of the Roof and Gutter Heating Cable season now here and the downward trend coming, it is now time to turn our attention to the next heating season peak.  Pipe heating cable season is of course already started but there has not been very cold temperatures in the U.S. in October and November this year.  That is all about to change and the peak will come sometime in December or January.  With the current winter forecast, we are expecting certain areas of the country to be dealing with some extreme cold, perhaps in areas where that has not been seen in many years.  The strong La Nina developing will tend to cause volatility in the weather conditions, which will push cold air around with the variable jet stream.  Some areas do not have protected pipes.  Mor Electric Heating is a large stocking distributor of EasyHeat pipe heating products.  We are also the only cut-to-length Danfoss cable distributor.  Here are some links to our pipe heating cable webpages:

EasyHeat PSR Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Cable for pipes.
NuHeat Plug-in Kits. Self-regulating heating cables for residential and commercial pipe freeze protection applications.
Chromalox Thermwire Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable for Metal or Plastic Water Pipes. Ready for use up to 100 feet in length.
Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable. Prevents frozen water pipes to –50ºF. Simply wrap on, insulate and plug in. For use on metal and rigid plastic pipes. A built-in thermostat turns the cable on at 38ºF.
EasyHeat AHB Constant Wattage Pre-Terminated Length Cable prevents pipes from freezing to -40° on 120 Volts AC suitable for use on plastic and metal water pipes
EASYHEAT ILH In-Line Inside the Pipe Heater freeze protection for water supply lines.EASYHEAT Pipe Sentry FPC Series Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Heating Cable for Water Pipes
EASYHEAT SR Trace Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable
Danfoss PX-F Series Self-Regulating cut to length Pipe Freeze Protection Cable.
NuHeat Plug-in 13mm Roof and Gutter De-Icing or Pipe Heating Kits. Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Cable for pipes or roofs.