Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters (High Temperature Limits, Knobs, Fan Delay Switches, Thermostats, Heating Elements, Fan Blades, Thermal Cutouts, Motors, etc.)

We sell and stock a lot of parts and while we are not in a position to troubleshoot a heater, (that is the job of an electrical contractor) we are happy to help identify a particular part.  We have manuals and parts books where each specific heater has a break-out exploded view drawing with the parts identified.

When purchasing a new heater you may want to consider that there are some brands of electric heaters that are not repairable with parts from the manufacturer. We get calls from customers trying to repair heaters sold at the big box stores and the heaters are not supported with parts.  We stock and can get any available parts from manufacturers such as Marley (Qmark/Berko), King Electric Heating, Markel (TPI Corp.), Dimplex (Electromode), Solaira, Warren Technology, etc. that will repair current heaters or even models as far back as the 1950’s!  Qmark/Marley electric heaters (wall heaters, baseboard heaters, unit heaters, etc.) are completely repairable with over 5,000 replacement parts listed on our website. King Electric Heating has over 500 replacement parts available.

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