600SS 120V 600W Wall Panel Heater

New Product Introduction: Amaze-Heater Wall Surface Mounted Electric Panel Convection Heater. 120 Volts. 250, 400 or 600 Watts.

Amaze-Heater Wall Surface Mounted Electric Panel Convection Heater. 120 Volts. 250, 400 or 600 Watts


Amaze Heater is a safe, efficient, economic, electric heater that simply surface mounts onto interior walls and works by generating convectional air movement which distributes warm air to give background warmth in the room. Amaze Heater’s insulation is factory tested to resist over 3000 volts and has no exposed metallic parts. The internal heating wire is encapsulated in a special fire resisting resin, thereby making it very safe. In fact, it is triple insulated for absolute safety.

Amaze Heater’s heat energy is dissipated at the rate of 100 watts per sq ft (0.09 m2) and this keeps surface temperatures low. When accidentally touched, the nonmetallic exterior does not quickly transfer heat and will not cause burning. With no moving parts and a low temperature element, Amaze Heater’s safety and longevity is assured.

Hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air. The Amaze Heater uses this principle to create convection currents within the room. These currents gradually (and without a fan) move the warmed air around the room and create a uniform ambient temperature. The low operating temperatures (below 150C) of the heating element guarantee its longevity.

Radiant heaters, with or without a fan, operate with very high temperature heating elements of up to 800C and merely create a hot zone in a room rather than heat the whole room. This hot zone then gradually dissipates heat to the rest of the room.

Safety Features and Durability – Hot surface will not leave burns at momentary contact Fire retardant UL listed materials are used Patented wings at top & bottom prevent over heating in case of coverage of heater by mistake No exposed heating element.


ETL – ETL Mark good for US and Canada By INTERTEK, USA.
CE – CE Mark for Europe
CB – CB for CB Scheme Member Countries (32 countries)