Using Electric Cove & Baseboard heaters for discounted electric utility rates

We get the following question frequently:

“My local electric company told me to look into Baseboard or Cove heaters for additional off-peak electrical usage”

Some Electric Utilities and Co-ops have programs such as off-peak electrical rates, electric heating rate, dual fuel, deferred load, RDC system, etc.

In North Dakota, The Northern Plains Electric Cooperative will give you the “electric heating rate” and will even provide thousands of dollars of financing at a low interest rate for your installation of electric heat as detailed on their website:

The great thing about this approach is that off-peak rates are seen during the nighttime hours when the need for heat is the greatest because the sun is down and the temperatures are colder. You don’t necessarily have to have an Electric Thermal Storage Heater system to take advantage of off-peak.

We tend to focus most of our stock on the shelf in the Qmark brand of cove heaters and can order many other brands for you. The great thing about cove heaters is that they are mounted very close to the ceiling on the wall and they enable you to place your furniture anywhere, unlike baseboard heaters which would be “blocked” by something like a large couch. Radiant heat energy is directed downward, warming people and objects near the floor.

Qmark Cove Heaters
Height 4″ x Width 2 7/8″ x Length (varies by Catalog # from 34″ to 132″)