Breaking News: Goldman Sachs High Oil Price Forecast and a coming boom in Electric Comfort Heating due to high Heating Oil/Propane prices

Goldman Sachs just set the ball rolling on what has been predicted to happen. They are calling for oil prices to be much higher ($120 per barrel) by 2012 and substantially higher ($140 per barrel) by 2013.
Heating Oil, Propane and Gasoline will be $5.00 per gallon very soon.  Natural Gas will eventually buckle under the pressure and start to finally rise.  These are price levels never before seen and higher than in 2007/2008, the last boom in electric heat when droves of people were converting to heating with electricity.
We will soon be offering the best and newest answers to this problem.  Many of our Manufacturers are getting ready to launch amazing new products.  Qmark Marley has an amazing new baseboard heater and the new Dimplex LC Convector (baseboard heater) is already shipping in Canada and we intend to be fully up and running with stock on the ground in July.  Dimplex is adding to their already successful baseboard heater business with this engineering masterpiece and game changer:
To be available in summer 2011, the linear convector is up to 42 percent shorter than conventional baseboard heaters. It features top discharge to transfer heated air to the room fast. A unique shark-fin blade shape for its heating element fins improves heat transfer and accelerates heated air into the room. This configuration also creates a laminar flow effect that reduces heat loss through the outside wall up to 10 percent, providing energy savings to the end user.  It comes in a range of sizes (500-2,500 W).