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Wrap-On Pipe Guard Self-Regulating Pipe Heating Cable

We are now a distributor of Wrap-On Pipe Guard.  It is known as a very inexpensive way to install self-regulating pipe heat tape in applications where cost is an issue.  It, along with EasyHeat Freeze Free, has been the standard installation under mobile homes.

This pipe heating cable is self-regulating and tells you when it is working. Wrap-On Pipe-Guard cable with Performance Monitor Technology has a lighted end cap that indicates the cable is operating. There’s no need to crawl into a cold, dark crawl space or under a mobile home to check your cable. Just look for the light. You only need a screwdriver and wire cutters for installation.

Pipe-Guard cable gives you the flexibility to handle any installation requiring up to 50 feet of cable. Simply cut the length of cable needed from our handy reel, add the Pipe-Guard plug and lighted end cap and install. The self-regulating design reacts to changes in temperature along the entire length of the cable, generating just the right amount of heat needed in each spot.

Pipe-Guard cable is rated at 3 watts per foot at 40F (9.8 watts per metre at 4C).