New Product Introduction: NuHeat 13FP Self-Regulating Roof & Gutter Cable or Pipe Heat Trace for Commercial & Residential Applications. 120 or 240 Volts. Cut-to-Length or Spools – 5 or 8 watt

Nuheat’s Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Heating Cable products have been gradually introduced over the last few years. As the products have become more mature they have discontinued the 9mm in favor of the 13mm 13FP cable which are robust and high quality. Nuheat has also trimmed down the wattage options to 5 or 8 watt.  We have added them to our website and they are available for order now.

Nuheat purchased the US and Canadian distribution rights from Fujikura Ltd. (a world class manufacturer from Japan with sales in excess of $5 Billion annually) and their cable is an outstanding, cost competitive product that is technologically advanced and stringently manufactured.

Because of the fact that this cable is manufactured by Fujikura, a very large heating cable producer, we believe that this cable is already field proven for quality. It is a great choice for our customers that are concerned with warranty, because Nuheat’s self-regulating cable is eligible for an extended ten (10) year warranty (standard three year warranty + seven (7) years).