Historically Cold Winter 2013-2014 is Causing Frozen Pipes in New Areas That Need Pipe Heat Trace Urgently. UPDATE: Pipe Heating Cable Availability.

The forecasts coming out this week are for a VERY Cold January, see the CFSv2 model at the link below. Especially for the Great Lakes for historic cold and there is talk of the Great Lakes possibly freezing over.


Pipe Heating Cable Availability is becoming troublesome and we are being told early February on some sku’s. We have been exploring options, especially the IN STOCK King Electric SRP 120 Volt Pre-Assembled Heating Cable.

King Electric has a high quality, cost competitive product. The cable is manufactured by a very large heating cable producer, field proven for quality.

SRP Electric 120 Volt Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable. Roof & Gutter Deicing or Pipe Heat Trace. 6, 12, 18, 24, 50, 75 & 100 foot lengths.