NOT Heating Cable Guy approved!

When a product or proposed application is NOT Heating Cable Guy approved, we will let you know. It may be trouble with the product or the product is not right for your application.

NOT heating cable guy approved
NOT heating cable guy approved

Mor Electric Heating is one the largest distributors in the USA of Roof & Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Heat Trace. We even have Brian, a.k.a. “Heating Cable Guy” on staff (he is our most experienced heat trace salesman.) We have Contractors who are amazed at how excellent the experience with Brian is. His direct number is 1-616-647-5272 or if you call our main line, he is at Ext. 5272. His e-mail is

Brian leads a team of qualified heat trace salesmen who are highly trained on heating cable and controls. Combine that with our high stock levels and there is no reason to call anyone else! We are a distributor for most of the manufacturers such as NuHeat, EasyHeat, Danfoss, Wrap-On, King Electric, PowerTech, ETI, EzeWarm, Calorique, Raychem and Chromalox.

All of our salesmen can quickly understand your roof, floor or pipe layout and decisively recommend the best way to handle your freeze protection or heating problem.