New Product: Marley Qmark Type SSC Smart Series – High Output Digital Commercial Electric Wall Heater

In the year 2010, Marley Engineered Products introduced “smart heating” to residential electric wall heaters. Their “Smart Series” heaters feature microprocessor-based intelligence that continually monitors and adjusts the wattage use of its heating element and the output. This has the dual advantages of creating maximum energy efficiency and more comfort. The overwhelming success of that product created a demand for a higher wattage version that could offer the same advantages and also provide greater levels of heating.

Thus was born the Smart Series High Output Wall Heaters. The key is the electronic thermostat which continually calculates heat output and a staged fan speed for the proportional difference between room temperature and the set point. The heater ‘knows’ how long to run the fan for maximum efficiency and more even comfort.

Marley SSC Wall Heater Display

The response to the product launch has been even better than Marley expected, with a lot of interest from high-rise office buildings and large hotels who’ve found that they can increase heating efficiency without expensive retrofitting of their existing HVAC system. There is also interest from architects and builders who want to provide heat or draft barriers in areas of new construction where branching off an HVAC system just doesn’t work.

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