New HotPod models now available.

TPI Corp. (Markel/Fostoria) has purchased the assets of Erivations, Inc. and is now the owner/manufacturer of the HotPod inline duct heater.  They are ready to re-launch this amazing product with a large marketing budget dedicated to it alone.  All of the other large assets of TPI Corp. are also behind it and so are we.  At Mor Electric Heating we believe that this product is one of the most important developments ever in the electric heating industry and that it is part of the future of the entire heating industry.  We stand ready to continue to be the leading distributor and the experts of this product which has created an entirely new category in the HVAC industry.  The TPI Corp. engineering department has been working hard for almost 1 year making major changes to the product and they are ready to ship the revised models.  They have achieved a zero clearance rating (The original HotPod had a 1″ clearance requirement to combustibles due to missing the outside case temperature requirement by only 1 degree F). They have introduced an 8″ model which is more appropriate for commercial buildings which typically have 8″ ductwork instead of the 6″ ductwork found in residential buildings. The new models ship with a UT80003 thermostat, but you are welcome to use any of the low voltage thermostats on our HotPod webpage.  There are also new models with a 10 foot plug & cordset so that you can place an outlet nearby.  Models with an included ductwork kit are also available to ship now.