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The Sun is spotless today! Very cold winter coming?

The sun has no sunspots today which is a very rare thing to occur during a solar maximum! This is the kind of thing predicted to happen on the descent into a little ice age. How bad will the coming winters get? We suggest the following to prepare for what is probably inevitable:

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Worst Winter on Record is Coming: In Press Release, European Tire Maker Urges Motorists Prepare for the Worst Winter on Record

In the press release above ATS Euromaster is saying that a forecaster they use is predicting the worst winter on record in the UK. They are urging motorists to pre-order cold weather tires and introduced a system of pre-ordering which follows unprecedented demand last year.  James Madden, a long-range forecaster for Exacta Weather, correctly predicted the harsh conditions the past two years. ATS Euromaster is preparing to sell cold weather tires in the UK for the second year and is trusting Madden’s forecast. He is a meteorologist predicting that this winter will “break all records” in terms of snowfall and freezing temperatures.

He warns: “The UK is to brace itself for well below average temperatures and widespread heavy snowfall throughout winter 2011/2012 which will result in the fourth bad winter in succession, and will prove to be the worst of them all.”

“I fully expect records to be broken, with the Highlands of Scotland being once again particularly hard hit. It is vital to start preparing now.”

James Madden’s forecast is based on factors such as the current unprecedented low solar activity (sunspots), and how that impacts weather.  Exacta Weather is a non-profit weather organisation that comprises a team of meteorologists from around the world.
ATS Euromaster says that motorists can now reserve cold weather tires with a 25% deposit, with the balance due when the tires are installed.
Here is their complete UK forecast:
Their USA forecast is coming soon.  During solar minimums, the USA typically has winters that are similar to the UK.

As a heating company we are urging people to buy pipe heating cable, roof and gutter heating cable and comfort heaters early as well at:

BREAKING – major AAS solar announcement: Sun’s Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity

Confirmation of fading spots according to L&P theory,

WUWT is reporting that the solar physics division of the American Astronomical Society apparently went further than Dalton, calling it a possible second Maunder Minimum! That solar cycle 25 and beyond could be greatly delayed or not happen at all!

“If we are right, this could be the last solar maximum we’ll see for a few decades,” Hill said. “That would affect everything from space exploration to Earth’s climate.”

Sound the alarm to all the world: LITTLE ICE AGE is coming.

The Sun is spotless today! It is very, very inactive, we are going to get very cold.

June 13th, 2011 photo

The sun has no sunspots right now! The whole world should stand in awe of this new development which is just not supposed to happen during what many are calling the solar MAXIMUM of solar cycle 24. This is little ice age type material for sure. We are closely following how bad the winters will get given this news, and here at Mor Electric Heating we suggest the following to prepare for what is probably inevitable:

Major snow and ice can be fought here:

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Solar activity still driving in the slow lane | Watts Up With That?

Solar activity still driving in the slow lane | Watts Up With That?

It would be unprecedented if the sun went completely blank later today when we are so close to Solar Maximum. Little Ice Age here we come.

Is it time to declare and title a Grand Solar Minimum (The Landscheidt Minimum perhaps?) and Little Ice Age?

This is the sun on May 12th, 2011. A time that world renowned Solar Scientist Leif Svalgaard has declared Solar Maximum!!!! He has even labelled it on his F10.7 flux and sunspot chart:
Does that sun picture look like solar max. to you? It looks like the typical solar minimum of each 11 year cycle.
What will we call the next 30 years of Solar Slump and Global Cooling? In the tradition of the Maunder and Dalton minima it should be called “The Landscheidt Minimum”. Wait, why not “The Gore Minimum”? Well, we know the answer to that.
Theodor Landscheidt was a scientist that correctly predicted the current lack of sunspot activity in this cycle 24 (at a time when many other scientists predicted more hugely active cycles to come) and he predicted the prospect of much colder times ahead.
Landscheidt’s last paper was also his prediction: “Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming” and was published one year before his death in 2004. He had calculated a change in the torque on the sun caused by  planets and theorized this changed solar transport in the solar core which was seen in sunspots.
He boldly proposed a Maunder minimum character (much worse than the smaller Dalton minimum) with a deep minimum occurring in the year 2022 and again in 2030. If he is correct, there are going to be much colder times just ahead. Indeed the current sun activity is teetering on a crash to below Dalton levels.
His research and the prediction was completed at a time that global climate computer models were predicting continued global warming for the first decade of the 21st century. A climate change outcome that is proven more absurd every day.
With the sun’s current slump, it’s time for the world to title & declare a new Grand Minimum now, so we can all prepare. Here at Mor Electric Heating we have these solutions: 
roof and gutter heat cable protects your house from the huge snowfalls occurring.
pipe heat trace protects your house from the extreme cold that is occurring.
electric comfort heat allows you to keep some target rooms warm to stay in and battle the tremendous heat loss occurring in colder winters.

We wait for the 4th brutal winter in a row and the question is “How much worse will they get?”

New paper predicts a decline in temperatures on Earth due to the Solar Minimum

NASA’s Hathaway revises the sunspot prediction down again | Watts Up With That?

NASA’s Hathaway revises the sunspot prediction down again | Watts Up With That?

What is really interesting is the comments section. Little Ice Age here we come. The heavy hitters (solar scientists) are really going at it especially about 10.7 flux. I think they are getting ready to move as far south as they can to avoid the coming cold weather for decades.

Half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice.

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) releases a photo created using multiple satellites from government agencies and the US Air Force. 

They said it looks like a distant ice age. But this astonishing picture shows the world as it is today – with half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice:

What a brutal winter so far. And the next months and years look even colder according to many forecasts. What is going on?

When the sun is quiet, we on earth can freeze.  The effects of the sun on the earth’s climate is huge.   The sun typically has an 11 year cycle of sunspot activity and history tells us that when it is low in sunspot activity then the world cools.  At the moment Solar Cycle 24 is extending and is very low in sunspots.
According to the Laymans Sunspot Count, the sun in the current Solar Cycle 24 could peak as low as 30 – 35 which is now tracking below Solar Cycle 5 which was part of a cold period on earth that correlated with the Dalton Minimum. And current discussion including a theory by Livingston & Penn is that we are heading towards no sunspots by 2015 which would be far worse than Dalton and more like the Maunder Minimum in the late 1600’s which was even colder of a time on Earth (the biggest of the little ice ages).
Solar flux and solar wind are low as well.  Henry Svensmark has a theory that low sunspot numbers correlate with more cosmic rays hitting the earth which allow for more hydrogen in our atmosphere, which interact with oxygen, to make more water vapor and more cloudiness. This means lower temperatures and more rain/snow. All this is happening while we are in a cold pacific decadel oscillation (PDO) and a strong La Nina (both cooling weather signals). The recent flooding and snowstorms worldwide could be the result.

Global Temp cant deny the facts – – Weather Video – Joe Bastardi Channel – Weather Video – Joe Bastardi Channel

The post el nino fall of global temperatures is earlier than predicted and is now below normal. As we all struggle through this winter it is no comfort to know that it is going to get alot worse. A monster la nina is upon us and solar cycle 24 is starting to look a little like the maunder minimum little ice age. The pacific is very cold. Is anybody listening???? If you are, buy heaters now.

Sunspots are gone again!

On Tuesday we sold Solaira Infrared Heaters to people in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale & Orlando.  Amazingly, the sunspot count is zero again and flux is in the 80’s. The Northern Hemisphere is getting hammered by the third brutal winter in a row which follows the Southern Hemisphere punishment in their past winter.  The little ice age looms closer every day.