A very volatile winter is looming due to La Nina conditions and also cold water in the rest of the Pacific Ocean

If you are considering a purchase of some kind of electric heater because you are concerned about the coming winter, you are not alone.  At Mor Electric Heating we continue to experience sustained record high sales and we are expecting the 2010-2011 winter to be very unusual, rough and also very cold due to many factors, including La Nina conditions.  We have increased our inventory levels by 30-40% to meet the demand and are ready to quickly ship (typically the same day) a variety of heaters to you.

The world “volatility” and “variance” describes the coming winter.  It is going to be a wild ride for everybody for sure.  Unlike last year, in Michigan we expect more really cold days (lows below +10) and more mild days (+40), a January thaw, a pretty significant late fall snowstorm (lake-effect), a snowstorm in March, more wind than last year, a heavy La Nina (see general pattern of what a La Nina does) a couple of good cold shots (inc. Florida) and it’ll be colder than last winter in Alaska and most of Canada. The Northern half of the USA will experience a rough winter.
The combination of La Nina and the cold Pacific Decadal Oscillation should keep the Pacific Northwest cool, with above average snowfall in the mountains.  The storm track will often be up into the Great Lakes this winter… with lots of change on a day-to-day basis, a lot of synoptic snowstorm (including possible heavy ones) creating an above average amount of snow. 
Many factors are in play this year, which should lead to a 4th in a row bad winter, including cold.  A ‘dramatic turn toward a colder climate’ is warned from many, many prominent climatologists with some using terms such as “mini ice age”.  Solar Cycle 24 continues to match Dalton Sunspots Minimum and Solar flux remains at an unprecedented low which forces extreme Global Cooling lasting decades.