Another very cold, bad winter coming? (2011-2012 winter forecast)

It appears that another massive and brutal North American winter is looming and another colder than normal winter globally.

We still have a Dalton Solar Minimum type event unfolding. This cold climate producing sun (still very few sunspots, increased cosmic rays causing more clouds and less solar irradiation/infrared hitting Earth) is starting to impact Earth with cooling. The entire ocean is cooling (ocean currents are going back to colder patterns), arctic ice is back to normal, volcano activity is high, and the past 3 winters have been among the snowiest on record in the Northern Hemisphere.

Global cooling is obviously taking a deeper hold now and for many years to come in the USA. The USA just had a very cold winter, La Niña (cold) equatorial ocean conditions prevail and appear that they will be in place during the winter as well.  Some fading is/will be occurring during the spring/summer/fall but the atmosphere will not respond to those higher temperatures before the end of winter in 2012.  Cold PDO (Eastern pacific ocean temperatures) are and will be below normal. NAO (North Atlantic) is becoming cold.

Global satellite measured temperatures are sitting a lot colder right now than last year.  It was the coldest March globally in over a decade. Alot more cold air in is the bank than we did 2010-2011. Snow cover was well above normal for this entire past winter. There is a persistence of cold air on the Canadian side of the hemisphere where snow cover is also above average which will impact for a colder than normal winter ’11-’12.

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