Heating your home for free with electricity from wind turbines

The most important aspects of heating your home for free is zoning and conservation.  The wind turbines available today are certainly generating alot of power but it can quickly be consumed if you are trying to use electric comfort heating in a fashion similar to a oil or gas furnace.  There is just not enough wattage available typically to have an entire average size house at 70+F!   With individual room thermostat control (zoning) you can heat only the rooms you are using.  Also, sealing up your home of any drafts and other heat losses with caulk, insulation, etc is crucial.  It is a multi-step process and the low hanging fruit is to get your attic above 18″ of insulation.  24″ is ideal and should be the standard, as it is for the most part in Canada.  

One resident of Mechanicville, New York has apparently been working towards this honorable goal for awhile and he is almost there.  When it is windy he is able to generate enough electricity to supply his entire power needs, and he is close to replacing his oil heating system with electric heat.

Getting off Heating Oil completely by installing two wind turbines and converting to electric heating is one of his goals!