Urgently prepare for the coming winter of 2010-2011

We seem to be returning to the type of serious winters seen in the 1970’s (or worse).  We would like to remind people of the disaster type situation that can result and remind everybody to purchase electric heaters now to prepare.  Go to www.HeatersPlus.com or www.MorElectricHeating.com now.  There can come a time when it is too late to install roof and gutter heating cable or pipe heating cable for sure.  Given the winter forecast by Joe Bastardi and others, there are certain Northern states where people need to rush their disaster plans to completion if they have not already done so.  We are shipping a record number of orders here at Mor Electric and are rushing to get almost all orders out the same day and bracing ourselves for the early winter storms coming late next week.

1976-1977 winter:
11 states in crisis and New York and Pennsylvania were declared federal disaster areas by President Carter, who was also dealing with Natural Gas shortages, and an Energy crisis due to the extreme cold.  All gas heated schools in the entire state of New York were closed for 1 week. Here in Michigan we remember shoveling our roofs and then stepping off the roof onto the pile of snow.  There were some areas in Grand Rapids that people could not easily find their cars because they were buried in snow drifts.

The Great Blizzard of 1977: