’s Joe Bastardi: Why we Need All Energy Sources. The Facts of the Weather!

Given what could happen given what has happened,, cutting off sources of energy look to be a road to ruin

Joe Bastardi knows alot about what the weather can do to people.  He is apparently saying in the video link above that the Government and others involved in regulating, promoting and pricing various forms of energy, (particularly for heating) need to realize what is coming for the next few years and even the next 30 years (His Triple Crown of Cooling).  He is obviously saying that not hurting ANY energy/fuels in price or availability will help people because we are going to need everything available to survive the coming winters.  

Joe must also know the non-linear relationship between the cost of heating and the temperature/wind.  Here at Mor Electric Heating we are well aware that a winter that is twice as bad does NOT correlate to a heating bill that is twice as bad.  It is far worse than that.  Heating degree days is a very complicated calculation and so are the other factors such as insulation, windows, etc..  A winter that is even just 1 degree colder makes it amazingly harder to heat your house.  And a thermostat setting that is just 1 degree different does the same.  People need to keep those rooms as cold as they can, especially the ones you are not using, to try to get the temperature between the inside and outside of the house closer, to minimize heat loss (Dollars spent). We help people survive with heaters that make sense for each situation to take the sting out of winter a little bit.