The 2011-2012 winter forecast: This upcoming winter will rival or surpass last year’s harsh winter.

Many meteorologists are releasing their preliminary out look for the coming winter. The general consensus seems to be:

The potential for record breaking cold across must of the Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and the Northeast will be another big story this winter, just like last winter.

Weather weary Americans coast to coast agreed that the 2010-2011 winter was very extreme.  It was the coldest winter in more than 30 years in much of the NE United States. Temperatures were well below normal and snowfall records were broken in much of the Midwest and Northeast.

Several factors such as Past Analogs, Oceanic Temperatures, Climatology and Sunspots are all hinting at a return of the same.

Sea Surface Temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific are almost certain to fall compared to average producing another La Niña this winter that influences temperatures and winter storm tracks.

The 2010-2011 La Niña was one of the strongest on record and the upcoming 2011-2012 winter will likely be influenced by a moderate La Niña. Ocean temperatures are already cooling and long range predictions show a weak to moderate La Niña developing as early as this Fall.

Another Greenland High Pressure Block is being discussed as coming soon and that is some of what caused last years heavy snow storms and below normal temperatures across much of the Central, Northeast and East United States.

For January and February, more extreme cold as another Polar Cold Vortex gets displaced significantly farther South than normal and turns into another major arctic outbreak across the Eastern United States.  This creates an increased chance of snow and ice across the Midwest and Northeast.

With the La Niña pattern fully developed in February and influencing global weather and circulation, a colder and snowier pattern continues into March making this another very long winter!

Prepare NOW for the worst!

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