2011-2012 Winter Forecast

A tweet that came through from Joe Bastardi earlier today was very, very interesting to us:

Deal for warmingistas: You can use heat, and soon the hurricanes, for your agenda, but you cant use the nasty winter that is coming, okay

WOW! If Joe is nailing down the word nasty on August 1st, it must really be bad. He must be seeing alot of wicked climate indicators out there. This comes on the heels of this: Worst Winter on Record is Coming: In Press Release, European Tire Maker Urges Motorists Prepare for the Worst Winter on Record

La Nina is forecast to come back before winter, the sun is still in a funk, and some other factors are all suggesting that another bad winter is on the way. The public is starting to worry about future winters given how bad they have been lately.

The East Coast had a roof ice dam disaster last year and alot of people are in shock from the heavy snow last year again.  In Montana a few weeks ago, snow plows finally reached the Logan Pass Visitor Center and found that the Main Facility and the Restroom Building have only the roof visible in spots:

In Utah people were skiing on the 4th of July with Snowbird Ski Resort still open at a record 202 days.

There are certainly alot of factors against all of us, worldwide, and already brutal winters have been the rule for a few years now. They are about to get even worse apparently.