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Dimplex » About » The Benefits of Electric Heating:

The Benefits of Electric Heating

safecleangreen_logoBelow you will find detailed information on the numerous benefits electric heating has over other fuels types. Information on why electric is the right choice for each of our specific product categories, can be found by clicking the following links;
 Flexible & Versatile
Electric heating doesn’t require a flue or pipe-work, so there are no restrictions on building layout or design and no regulatory or planning issues associated with positioning of flues. Electric heaters can also be installed virtually anywhere in the room, again aiding freedom of design.
Safe & Reliable
Whatever type of heating you choose; safety is always an important consideration. Because electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, there are none of the associated safety risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. And as there are no radiators to leak or burst, there is less risk of damage to properties. Also with virtually no moving parts to break down or wear out, electric heating is extremely reliable and will normally run for much longer than gas.
Dimplex electric heating products are a green alternative. They are 100% energy efficient; converting every bit of the input energy to heat. They also reduce environmental impact compared to other fuel types:
  • No carbon dioxide
  • Generate zero local emissions
  • Preserve natural resources by reducing consumption of wood and fossil fuels
Plus they contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment with:
  • No particulates or emissions
  • No carbon monoxide because there is no combustion
  • No moisture to the indoor environment
  • No opportunity for gas leaks caused by mechanical failure, improper installation, or natural disaster
Low Installation Costs
Electric heating is very easy to install, ensuring installation costs are kept to a minimum. Since it requires no pipe-work, a simple connection to the electrical circuit(s) is all that is required, so it can frequently be installed in a matter of minutes. For new build properties this means it can go in at the second fix wiring stage. For refurbishments and replacements, it means minimal disruption for the household. What’s more, because Dimplex products can work as stand-alone units or as a system, it is easy and cheap to add additional units to a system at anytime as budgets permit.
Low Lifetime Costs
There is often confusion about the running costs of electric heating compared to other fuels; however the cost of energy for different heating systems is only part of the true running cost equation. The true cost to consider is the lifetime costs of the system, which not only take into account the fuel used, but the hidden maintenance costs – both monetary and time – over its lifetime.
  • Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning all the electricity that you use (and pay for) is converted directly into heat, unlike gas, wood and boiler-based systems where energy is wasted through the flue.
  • Electric heating is cheaper to install, maintain and lasts an average of 50% longer than a gas system.
  • There is no maintenance or annual inspection required – maintaining a heating system can, depending on the choice of fuel, add significantly to the overall cost of running the system. With virtually no moving parts to breakdown or wear out, electric heating is extremely reliable. Gas boiler based system on the other hand should be serviced and safety tested regularly.
Comfort and Control
Dimplex electric heating products incorporate highly sensitive, integral thermostatic controls. The accuracy of these controls allows rapid response to sudden changes in room temperature, ensuring that heater outputs are quickly reduced or increased to maintain a consistent room temperature.
Zone Heating Solution
Dimplex electric heating products are a smart, practical and efficient zone heating solution. Zoning heating is an easy way to keep your energy costs down; by simply heating the rooms you spend the most time in instead of heating your entire home. Dimplex products are the perfect zone heating solution because by using only the required amount of energy, they allow you to warm the areas you use most often allowing you to reduce your primary source of heat. Reducing your central furnace temperature by 10°F (6°C) to 15°F (8°C) for 8 hours can save about 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill.