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King Electric ATMOS Bluetooth Enabled thermostat. Programmable with Android & iOS Apps. Adjust temperature from the couch. 120/208/240V

King Electric ATMOZ Wifi Enabled thermostat. Programmable with Android & iOS Apps. Control is always in the palm of your hand. 208/240V

King Electric CWR Series 120 Volt Constant Wattage Roof & Gutter De-icing Cable prevents ice dams. 20 - 240 Foot Lengths. 5 watts/sq. ft.

King Electric Stainless Steel DAW Series Wall Heater

King Electric KB Series Electric Unit Heater. 208-480Volts

King Electric KBP Series Electric Unit Heater. 120-480Volts

King Electric Model KB ECO2S 2-Stage Electronic Unit Heater. 240/208 volts. 13,500 to 51,200 BTU

King Electric K302PE ClearTouch Electronic Programmable Thermostat and K312RELAY Relay.

King Electric ClearTouch K322E Electronic Non-Programmable Thermostat. 120, 208, 240 Volt 15 Amp. Touch Sensitive Buttons.

King Electric KB Platinum Heavy Duty Electronic Smart Unit Heater with Remote. 208, 240, 277, 480 Volt. 3,000 to 40,000 Watts

King Electric EKB Garage/Shop Heater. Designed to provide simple heating solutions at an affordable price point. 120/208/240 Volts.

King Electric GH Series Compact Heavy Duty Garage Unit Heater with Bracket and Thermostat. 208, 240 volt. 5,000 to 10,000 watts.

King Electric HFC1500 Marine/RV HFC Series Electric Portable Desktop Heater. 750/1500 Watts. 8 ft 3-Conductor Power Cord
King Electric K Electric Baseboard Heater. Reinforced Cover, Soft Contoured Corners

King Electric KP Series Portable Electric Baseboard Heater. 6 Foot Cord and Plug, 120 Volt 1000 Watt - 3ft or 4ft Long

King Electric KP1215-ECO 120 Volt Dual-wattage 5 Foot Portable Energy Saving Electric Baseboard Heater

King Electric KT Series Kickspace Heaters

King Electric KTW Twist Air Series Horizontal/Vertical Toespace/Kickspace Heater. 120, 208, 240 volt.

King Electric LPW ComfortCraft Series 2 Pic-A-Watt Large Wall Heater

King Electric LPW ECO2S Series Electronic 2-Stage Large Smart Wall Heater with Remote. 120-240V. 2750-4500W

King Electric PAW Series Electric Wall Heater. 120-277Volts

King Electric PGH Series Garage Heater. Portable or wall/ceiling bracket mount included. 4,000 or 4,800 Watts. 240 Volts

King Electric PH-7 Electronic Portable Ceramic Heater with Energy Saver Electronic Thermostat. 120 Volt, 750W/1500W. Ceramic Heating Element.

King Electric PH-16 Model Comfort Cube 1500 Watt 120 Volt Portable Ceramic Heater - Silver

King Electric PHM-1 1500 Watt 120 Volt Portable Milkhouse Heater

King Electric PHTR-9 1200 Watt 120 Volt Portable Radiant Tower Heater

King Electric Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters. High Temp Limits, Knobs, Fan Delays, Motors, Thermostats, Elements, Fan Blades, Thermal Cutouts

King Electric SC Series Snow Melt Cable. Custom in-concrete (Sidewalks, Driveways, Stairs, etc.) snow and ice melting cable. 208 or 240 Volts. 35 - 535 Foot Lengths. 12 watts/sq. ft.

King Electric SL Series Electric Wall Heater. 120-240Volts

King Electric SR Self Regulating Roof & Gutter Heating Cable - Deicing Heat Trace Cable Rated at 8 Watts per Foot at 32 Deg. F - 120 Volt & 240 Volt. Cut to Length, 250 or 1000 foot spools

King Electric SRP Electric 120 Volt Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable. Roof & Gutter Deicing or Pipe Heat Trace. From 6 foot up to 150 foot lengths

King Electric Peco TRF115-005 Freeze protection thermostat

King Electric W Series Electric Wall Heaters. 120-240Volts

King Electric WHF Series Electric Wall Heaters. Quiet Squirrel Cage Blower

King Electric U Series Pumphouse Heater

King Electric Stainless Steel U Series Pumphouse Heater

King Electric WHFC Series Ceiling Heater




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Made in the USA smart heating solutions since 1958. We believe 60 years of experience matters. The premier North American manufacture of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electric Heaters and Thermostats, Hydronic Heaters, Electric Heating Cables and Accessories– making us a one-stop solutions provider. We build smarter, more reliable and efficient electric heating products that offer an unparalleled user experience of temperature control, while reducing energy waste. Now That’s Smart!