Thursday ADKS Roof and Gutter Heating Cable Stock Update

ADKS update:

We received 120 ADKS-1000‘s yesterday and the back-orders made it out the door before 5 pm. 200 CSK-12 roof clips will be here mid-day and with that it appears that everything we stock (EasyHeat, Danfoss, Nuheat, Wrap-On, SureBond and Chromalox) related to roof and gutter heating is in on hand here in sufficient quantities for the foreseeable future.  We challenge you to find ANY other distributor or manufacturer that can say that on October 27th!

We are placing daily orders and are in constant communication with every manufacturer in an attempt to maintain this status.  This is nearly impossible with the kind of crazy demand and an October snowstorm on the way to the roof cable areas of the Northeast where an epic roof ice dam disaster is ongoing.