Something has changed. Roofs leaking from ice dams and pipes frozen in southern states. Climate Change or Global Cooling?

We are selling a huge amount of roof and gutter heating wire to some new states such as Oklahoma and Kentucky and other more southern states. The USA has had 50% or greater snow cover for alot of the winter, including right now.   Years past had only seen the typical states such as Colorado, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, etc.

Yesterday we shipped an order of quite a few pipe heating cables to El Paso, TX (on the Mexican border). All last week and yesterday we shipped a huge amount of pipe heating tape to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Before the last couple winters, we sold little to those states over the past couple decades.

Because the last few winters have been cold and satellite temperatures show that the temperature of the Earth is quickly falling, post El Nino, we are quite sure that it is Global Cooling and we are here to help your pipes and roofs survive it!