Ice Dams on roofs on the East Coast

We are taking very seriously the desperate and urgent situation due to leaking roofs.  We are hearing from our customers that the ice dams are massive this year and are on many homes that have never seen these problems.  Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania for example always have issues due to frequent snow, but this year is brutal again and 2 new storms are on the horizon.  Some of the pictures that customers are emailing to us are unbelievable.  That is alot of ice and we wish you the best.  Remember, in an incredible snowfall year like this we are just trying to maintain a melt path under the ice. No heating solution can melt much more than that.

We are rushing to ship every order today, and since most of you have chosen UPS Red, you will have them Monday. FedEx Saturday delivery may be available in your area, so please specify that if desired.  We still have stock of all roof heating cables as you saw on our website.  Most of you have ordered the inexpensive EasyHeat ADKS and Wrap-on Pipe Heating Cable but we also have EasyHeat PSR in stock. Our second UPS pick-up is at 5 pm EST and we will do our best to get rush orders out the door up until that time.  We feel your pain up here in Michigan, your states have alot more snow than we do this year.