EasyHeat ADKS Substitutes (Constant Wattage Roof & Gutter Deicing Cable)

Mor Electric Heating is one the largest distributors in the USA of Roof & Gutter Heating Cable. We spend alot of time procuring constant wattage cable because it is one of our highest volume products. The Danfoss and Wrap-On brands have long been a fallback as EasyHeat ADKS gets hard to acquire by late Fall (currently it is the 80, 160, 200 and 240 foot lengths). Nearly every year the high demand causes EasyHeat to run out and we have recorded lead times as long as 13 weeks 5 years ago and again this year. The problem with the Danfoss brand has been their slightly different lengths (except for a few sizes such as the 80 foot length) and with the Wrap-On brand it has been the  grey color instead of black.

Now for the first season we have an exact substitute in King Electric and Wrap-On has released a black color, however Wrap-On (and Danfoss) come with a different shingle clip that has a larger tooth that pierces completely through the shingle, see below:


Both brands are the same color, length and price and as good or better quality.

ADKS-400 (80 Foot):

The substitute for the ADKS-400 in the Wrap-on brand is here:


and the King Electric brand is here:


and the Danfoss brand is here:


ADKS-800 (160 Foot):

The substitute for the ADKS-800 in the Wrap-on brand is here:


and the King Electric brand is here:


ADKS-1000 (200 Foot):

The substitute for the ADKS-1000 in the Wrap-on brand is here:


and the King Electric brand is here:


ADKS-1200 (240 Foot):

The substitute for the ADKS-1200 in the Wrap-on brand is here:


and the King Electric brand is here: