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Adhering Roof Clips to a metal roof when using roof & gutter heating cable

SB-1800 Surebond Everflex Bondaprene is commonly used for adhering metal or plastic roof clips to metal roofs only. It is not for shingles (Asphalt). This particular product is recommended by Surebond for roof clips, however the product has to be applied exactly as directed or there can be issues with the clips popping off the roof after the cure while installing the roof and gutter heating cable. Surebond engineers have assured us repeatedly that the SB-1800 is appropriate and the best product for use with all types of roof clips but problems can arise when the customer has not cleaned the roof surface area or the clips very well.

When using the SB-1800 with plastic clips, on occasion there can be a little bit of mold release compound remaining on the outside of the clips (sprayed on the molds in the factory) that can interfere with the adhesion to the Surebond adhesive. This has to be removed by cleaning or sanding off.  Scuffing the smooth surface of the clip is a good practice anyways. If you do not want to sand the surface of every clip then use metal clips.  According to Surebond the SB-1800 has plenty of adhesion strength (360 PSI) to hold roof and gutter heating cable.  SB-1800 cannot be used on a copper roofs.  Clips can also be screwed in place on the roof and SB-1800 also applied as a sealant (apply sealant to screws if screws are used). A tube of Surebond SB-1800 is estimated to be enough to adhere at least 20 roof clips.

APPLICATION:  Interface and surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, frost, moisture and water proofing and release agents.  Can be applied from -20ºF to over 140ºF. SB-1800 Product Page
SureBond SB-1800 datasheet
Surebond’s other product which can be used with roof clips is the SB-190, but it has a higher air temperature required during installation. It is a stronger adhesive but it is overkill and the higher installation temperature minimum (50 degrees F) make it restrictive on the times of the year that it can be applied especially at the important times of the year such as November and December if it is colder outside than that. It also costs more. However, the stronger adhesive in this product can help overcome the issue of mold release compound remaining on the surface of plastic clips. SB-190 Product Page
SureBond SB-190 datasheet