Roof & gutter heating cable that is inexpensive & plug-in: EasyHeat, Wrap-On or Danfoss?

There are many choices of Roof and Gutter Heating Cable when trying to solve the roof ice dam problem with water flowing into attics and walls.

It comes down to two options, constant wattage or self-regulating cables (Nuheat 13mm cable, Danfoss IceGuard or EasyHeat PSR). If you are looking for the least expensive, easiest to install and biggest sellers, then that is constant watt (EasyHeat ADKS, Wrap-On Cable and Danfoss RX).  You have probably seen that we have alot of each size (we have about 2,500 cable kits in stock) and that they are pretty equally distributed across all three manufacturers. That is because they sell about the same quantities and are all great products with very minimal returns.

Wrap-On and Easy Heat (ADKS) are of similar quality.  In most cases it comes down to the color of the roof. Customers with light color shingles prefer Wrap-On because it is light grey and those with dark color shingles prefer the black EasyHeat ADKS.  Wrap-On has a 2 year warranty and Easy Heat ADKS is 1 year. Wrap-On has the 250′ kit, 10′ longer than ADKS longest of 240′. Wrap-On has the 175′ kit, the only kit between 160′ and 200′. EasyHeat clips are intricately designed, work very well and have two small shingle piercing points for minimal shingle holes. Wrap-On is very flexible and is the original product in the market. Both Wrap-On and EasyHeat offer the RS-2 control (Wrap-On is a distributor of the EasyHeat RS-2 control in a Wrap-On box)

Danfoss RX is a better quality, more rugged cable than Wrap-On and Easy Heat. It is actually their high quality GX embed in Asphalt/Concrete snow melting cable made into a kit for roofs. Danfoss has a better quality jacket and better UV resistance.  Danfoss RX can be used on metal roofs (residential, not recommended for a commercial metal roof.) Danfoss has the longest cable @ 265′ and a 2 year warranty. Danfoss clips have a bigger shingle piercing point and their heavier cable may be a little more difficult to work with and bend especially in cold weather.

Count on us to have all of it on the shelf and get it out the door and on the UPS truck today! In the heat of the season (especially October) that is something that becomes very important to all customers, and something hard to find with our competitors.