Constant Wattage Pipe Cable

Many people are looking for the most inexpensive and easiest to install heating cable for their pipes which is what is called constant wattage pipe heat trace cable. It is a smaller cable as opposed to self-regulating cable. There are five manufacturers of constant wattage cable and we sell three of them. EasyHeat makes AHB,  Wrap-on and King Electric makes their CWP. There are also a couple of other brands we do not sell called Frost King and M-D Building Products which are similar.

Wrap-On Constant Wattage Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cable. 3 ft. thru 100 ft. cables for metal and rigid plastic water pipes.
EasyHeat AHB Electric Constant Watt Pre-Terminated Pipe Heating Cable. Rigid Plastic & Metal Pipe Freeze Protection   
King Electric CWP Series 120 Volt Constant Wattage Pipe Trace Heating Cable prevents pipes from freezing. 3 – 80 Foot Lengths. 21 to 560 watts