New Product: Surebond SB-170 Clear Silicone Sealant. -20F to 122F application temp. Wood, Metal & Galvanized Metal Roofs

We sell a large volume of SureBond’s 5 adhesive’s that are appropriate for adhering various types of roof clips to various types of roofs.

SureBond has discontinued the SB-1800 Everflex Bondaprene. We have stock left at a discounted price:

There are two replacement products that we have available:

The SB-188 High Temperature Silicone Sealant is an acetoxy silicone that is a practically indistinguishable product relative to the SB-1800, just marketed and utilized differently in the industry. The look, smell, consistency, and performance are the same, and there’s nothing the SB-1800 can do the SB-188 cannot. The price of the SB-188 is less than that of the SB-1800, because Surebond has made the SB-188 in larger quantities than the SB-1800, gaining volume discounts on raw materials and packaging. The SB-188 is available in clear – same as the SB-1800 – but also in black:

The SB-170 Multi-Purpose Silicone sealant is a new product offering, and it is a neutral-cure high-quality silicone sealant that does not have the vinegar-like smell of the SB-1800, can be used on galvanized metal (unlike the SB-1800 or the SB-188) and has enhanced adhesive qualities relative to either the SB-1800 and SB-188. Surebond is producing this product specifically as an alternative to the SB-1800, because they were asked to develop a neutral cure silicone sealant that would be safe to use with galvanized roofs in snow guard applications as a cold-weather sealant with mechanical fasteners. The price of the SB-170 is the same as the SB-1800 was. The SB-170 is only available in clear, like the SB-1800.


SB-170 Surebond -20F Clear 24Hr Cure

10.3 Fl oz Cartridge Clear Silicone Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to wood or metal (Steel, Aluminum or Galvanized) roofs. Application temperature -20F to 122F: